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The Cumdog’s final Qatar World Cup act is pure class


We don’t deserve the Cumdog. What a gentleman.

Not that he needed much more positive PR, 27-year-old Jason Cummings is a cult hero and he was there for Australia’s insane run at the World Cup.

It was time for the Socceroos to head home and for the Cumdog that’s back in Australia; he plays for the Central Coast Mariners.

Even though Cummings wasn’t a starter, you can imagine him and his team mates are pretty shattered after their thrilling-but-exhausting run to the knockout stage of the tournament. Particularly since they were given literally zero hope of doing anything and the sudden excitement that came with that.

But with a near 15-hour journey ahead, the Cumdog did it again.

Respected football journalist James Dodd revealed on socials he slummed it down in economy and offered up his business class seat to his partner.

A ‘man of the people’ indeed; one final act of pure quality to tie a bow on what’s been an unforgettable couple of weeks.

Daniel Garb confirmed the act of kindness, adding that Cumdog was ‘jammed in the middle of a middle row.’

Cummings is a dual citizen that only very recently pledged his allegiance to Australia, born and raised in Scotland. He was one of three Socceroos at Qatar with Scottish heritage, which came up quite a bit after Harry Souttar’s phenomenal efforts in central defence throughout the tournament… and news of his bizarre Subway order.

The world would be a better place with more Cumdogs in it.

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