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Every nation’s kit for the 2023 FIFA World Cup – all the Adidas and Nike designs


Fifa Women's World Cup kits 2023

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is just around the corner, meaning it’s time to get acquainted with all of the glorious World Cup kits we can expect to see across Australia and New Zealand in the coming months.

The Matildas and New Zealand are the latest nations to announce their official get ups for the World Cup, met with broad approval.

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup kicks off on July 20 and we just cannot wait to see the Matildas in action on home soil in fresh threads. Also, here’s the important detail on all their games.

Nike FIFA Women’s World Cup Kits

After much anticipation, Nike has released their Women’s World Cup kits for the 13 federations they represent; including the first women’s exclusive kits for Australia, Portugal, Nigeria, Norway, New Zealand, and South Korea.

All of Nike’s kits for the 2023 Women’s World Cup have been specifically engineered for the female body, with leak-proof technology to avoid period leakage on the pitch, as well as fast sweat evaporation and breathability features that show these kits are as practical as they are good looking.

Australia Women’s World Cup Kits:

As is to be expected, Australia’s home kit is the iconic green and gold. This year, we’re copping a stunning marbled look print that appears to be unique on each individual kit.

Buy the Matildas home kit here.

Matildas home kit women's world cup

Meanwhile, the Matildas Away Kit features a stunning turquoise colour with teal and tennis ball green/yellow accents. You can see how the away kit has drawn inspiration from the men’s away kit we saw in Qatar last year, but Nike has well and truly upped the ante with this one to create arguably the best away kit we’ve seen in years.

Buy the Matildas away kit here.

Matildas away kit women's world cup kits

USA Women’s World Cup Kits:

The USA home kit is a traditional white home kit with a paint drip pattern that is unique to each individual kit. And, as a special touch, the kit features gold branding to symbolise the country’s four World Cup wins.

The USA away kit is the same for both mens and women’s teams, a royal blue kit with red details, featuring stars and stripes on the sleeves.

The USA kit is yet to be released in Australia.

Nike USA women's world cup kits

New Zealand Women’s World Cup Kits:

The Ferns home kit is an all-black design, decorated with white fern prints that has received mixed reviews online.

However, the kit that is the real stand out for our trans-Tasman friends is their away kit. Reminiscent of the 1991 World Cup kit, the away is white with a gorgeous blue sleeve accent and side panelling that is crisp and sleek.

By the Ferns home kit and away kit.

Nike New Zealand women's world cup kits

England Women’s World Cup Kits:

England’s World Cup kit has an interesting story behind it, inspired by the Art Deco movement and the design of the country’s most iconic stadium — Wembley — which turns 100 this year.

The home kit is an off-white colour inspired by the original stadium’s white brick exterior that dated back to 1923. The colour scheme is also an ode to the country’s first women’s team to qualify for a major tournament way back in 1984.

The away kit opts for a cornflower blue, as opposed to the typical red colour, featuring a geometric pattern that also serves as a nod to Art Deco while being reminiscent of the 1990 men’s World Cup Finals third kit.

The England kit is yet to be released in Australia.

Nike England women's world cup kits

France Women’s World Cup Kits:

The French kits also feature an interesting back story, pulling inspiration from the Orphism art movement which rose to popularity in the 1920s; the same decade that women’s football took off in France.

The home kit is a blue-lilac colour with a pattern that mimics brushstrokes, while the white away shirt features a painted design that shows off Orphism techniques.

The France kit is yet to be released in Australia.

Nike France women's world cup kits

Brazil Women’s World Cup Kits:

Brazil’s home kit features botanical-themed patterns in the knit that serve as an ode to country’s beautiful Amazon rainforest. It is subtle, but stunning.

The away kit is a bit more obvious, with a green leaf pattern printed across the sleeves of the royal blue kit.

The Brazil kit is yet to be released in Australia.

Nike Brazil women's world cup kits

Nigeria Women’s World Cup Kits:

Nigeria’s home kit features a bright, almost fluorescent green, which is complimented by traditional patterns on the sleeve cuffs. Simple, bright, effective.

The away kit, however, is where Nigeria really shines. The black base allows the colourful zig-zag pattern and accompanying coral socks to really pop.

The Nigeria kit is yet to be released in Australia.

Nike Nigeria women's world cup kits

Canada Women’s World Cup Kits:

Canada’s home kit feels futuristic and uniquely Candian, eh? The geometric print forms a maple leaf design that feels like we’re living in 3023. Very cool.

The away kit is simple. A white shirt with red sleeve and neck details, accompanied with red shorts.

The Canada kit is yet to be released in Australia.

Nike Canada women's world cup kits

China Women’s World Cup Kits:

If we’re talking about kits that perfectly compliment each other, China wins, hands down.

The home kit is a red shirt with yellow sleeve and collar details, featuring a woven “lucky cloud” design that is inspired by the ancient Xiangyun symbol of good luck and impending fortune — likely to bring some World Cup wins.

The away kit is the reverse, yellow with red details — including a red side strip.

Individually, the kits are pretty lacklustre, but they work well as a combination.

The China kit is yet to be released in Australia.

Nike China women's world cup kits

South Korea Women’s World Cup Kits:

South Korea’s away kit is bright, fun and fresh with neon pink accents on the red kit. Say what you will about pink and red not being a sartorially sound combination, but this kit somehow works.

The away kit is far less exciting, featuring a white base with red and blue details.

The South Korea kit is yet to be released in Australia.

Nike South Korea women's world cup kits

Portugal Women’s World Cup Kits:

Portugal’s home kit is very on brand and similar to previous kits. Nothing groundbreaking, but it is apparently inspired by art, fashion, maritime history and the country’s traditional craftmanship.

The away kit, however, is inspired by calcada Portuguesa, the Portuguese pavement that resembles a terrazzo pattern in the traditional Portugal colours.

The Portugal kit is yet to be released in Australia.

Nike Portugal women's world cup kits

Norway Women’s World Cup Kits:

Like China, Norway’s kits work well as a partnership, but are pretty simple on their own.

The home kit is red with blue and white details, while the away kit is white with red and blue accents.

The Norway kit is yet to be released in Australia.

Nike Norway women's world cup kits

Netherlands Women’s World Cup Kits:

As is to be expected, Netherlands went with an orange home kit, but this year’s kit features a two-tone weave that adds an interesting layer of texture to the kit.

The away kit features a blue pattern with red sleeve details that make it largely unmemorable.

The Netherlands kit is yet to be released in Australia.

Nike Netherlands women's world cup kits

Adidas FIFA Women’s World Cup Kits

The first sporting brand to launch their kits for the 2023 World Cup is adidas, who have dropped the away kits for the ten national teams they are partnering with.

2023 FIFA World Cup kits
2023 FIFA World Cup kits

The kits for Costa Rica, Italy and Jamaica were released earlier this year, but now Adidas have added Argentina, Colombia, Germany, Japan, Spain and Sweden to the list — with only the Philippines left to be released.

All of Adidas’ Women’s World Cup kits for 2023 are inspired by nature, drawing inspiration from each country’s landscapes and environments.

Argentina Women’s World Cup Kits:

Argentina just won the Men’s World Cup, so they’re coming to Australia looking to do the same for their women’s team — and their kit certainly shows that. The kit is inspired by the diverse range of natural landscapes you can find across the country from Serranía de Hornocal in the north to Ushuaia in the south.

You can purchase the Argentina kits here.

World Cup kits

Colombia Women’s World Cup Kits:

Despite looking like a spacey, galaxy-themed kit, the Colombian away kit is actually an ode to the Caño Cristales River, also known as the River of Five Colours.

You can purchase the Colombia Women’s World Cup kits here.

World Cup kits

Germany Women’s World Cup Kits:

The Germany away kit is inspired by German forests and green woodland areas like Black Forest and the Zauberwald.

“The various shades of green and bespoke handmade graphic celebrate Germany’s vast woodlands – which cover an area equivalent to one third of the country’s land mass,” Adidas said of the kit.

Purchase the Germany Women’s kits here.

World Cup kits

Japan Women’s World Cup Kits:

If you thought last year’s Japan kit in collaboration with Nigo was gorgeous, this year’s kit takes it to a whole new level in a stunning pink and purple colour way.

The pink hues are an homage to the sunrise you can see from Mount Fuji.

You can purchase the Japan Women’s World Cup kits here.

World Cup kits

Spain Women’s World Cup Kits:

Adidas’ Spanish away kit is inspired by the coral reefs around the Spanish coasts, not unlike the the reefs Australia and New Zealand share.

You can purchase Spain’s away kit here.

World Cup kits

Sweden Women’s World Cup Kits:

Sweden’s World Cup kit for the 2023 tournament is inspired by the ice caps and glaciers that are found in the country’s beautiful landscapes.

“Combining a changing glacial blue graphic, with trims and details in the iconic yellow color synonymous with the nation – the design seeks to highlight the beauty and importance of the nation’s glaciers,” Adidas said of the kit.

You can purchase Adidas’ away kit here.

World Cup kits
Sweden | World Cup kits

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