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There’s now a must-see trailer for Manchester United’s ’99’ documentary


99, manchester united

Manchester United’s treble-winning season in 1998-99 is undoubtedly the finest feat achieved by an English footballing side. A new documentary aims to provide the ‘definitive story’ of the season.

Camp Nou, Barcelona, 26 May 1999; German giants Bayern Munich are 1-0 up against Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United heading into injury time. To the naked eye, it was game, set, match, Manchester United’s treble dreams squashed by Bavarian might.

With everything on the line and nothing to lose, United win a corner and goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel gets into the mix. The Dane’s head almost meets David Beckham’s cross before a poor Bayern clearance first finds Ryan Giggs, then Teddy Sheringham and then, remarkably, the back of the net.

Two minutes later and another corner later, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer turned the ball into the back of the net and United stole victory when defeat seemed inevitable. Simply put, it’s one of English football’s most amazing feats.

Now, a new documentary sees some of the key players in this unlikely victory, and unbelievable season, will sit down and provide their perspectives and point of view on Manchester United’s 1998-99 treble-winning feats.

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Answering your burning questions about the 99 documentary

When will it be released?

17 May, 2024

We now know when one of football’s most hotly anticipated documentaries will hit Amazon Prime Video. Recently, the streaming giant confirmed 99 will be released on May 17, right before the final day of the wild and wonderful 2023-24 Premier League season.

99, David Beckham
David Beckham will be at the forefront of a new documentary chronicling United’s treble-winning season

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Is there a trailer?

What will the documentary cover?

At the risk of repeating ourselves, it’s very evident it will focus on Manchester United’s historic 1998-99 treble-winning season. Over this campaign, United became the first English side to complete the ‘treble’, meaning they won each of the Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League.

Many consider this season to not only be the greatest ever by an English club but also one of the finest feats achieved by any football side ever. Sir Alex Ferguson’s side dealt with the departures of seasoned veterans Gary Pallister and Brian McClair at the beginning of the season, as well as battled with the news goalkeeper and dressing room leader, Peter Schmeichel, would leave the club at the end of the season.

Set against the backdrop of unrivalled domestic success, but faltering continental form that included disappointing eliminations in their previous two Champions League campaign, the documentary is an ode to this remarkable achievement from a group of players etched into footballing lore.

In a season of remarkable comebacks by United, including in several key knockout matches, perhaps the most exceptional was David Beckham’s. Following a dire World Cup campaign, which saw the Englishman unfortunately and controversially dismissed against Argentina, Beckham became the British public’s most hated individual.

He would overcome the visceral disdain to produce one of the finest seasons in English football history and play a pivotal role in United’s treble.

Which stars will feature in it?

It would be impossible to accurately retell the story of United’s historic treble-winning season without gaining the insights of the players.

The likes of David Beckham, Gary Neville, Paul Scholes, Peter Schmeichel, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Sir Alex Ferguson will appear in the documentary, providing viewers with unparalleled insights and perspective on all the season’s key moments.

In conjunction with these interviews, the documentary will comprise previously unseen archival footage in addition to behind-the-scenes videos from the club and fans, dragging audiences back to a bygone era of football.

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Who’s producing the series?

Manchester United’s Class of ’92 have their hands all over the production of the definitive tale of their definitive career achievement. Co-produced by Ventureland, Studio 99, the production company founded by David Beckham, and Buzz16, founded by his partner-in-crime, Gary Neville.

Ventureland’s John Battsek and Miles Coleman will produce the series, Executive Producers are Nicola Howson and David Gardner for Studio 99, Scott Melvin for Buzz 16 and Kerstin Emhoff for Ventureland. Sampson Collins, the director of Gazza, is directing the series.

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