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Cricket and flag football to headline sports coming to 2028 Olympics in LA


New sports, 2028 Olympics

There’s still Paris 2024 to look forward to, but attention is already shifting towards the 2028 Olympics, with five new sports ready for the big stage. The announcement of sports such as cricket and squash finally getting Olympic recognition has certainly created conversation.

In October, the Los Angeles Olympic committee made the decision to add a handful of new events to the 2028 Olympics in order to help bolster the Games’ waning popularity.

The five new sports include – cricket, lacrosse, squash, flag football and baseball/softball – which is expected to tap into many new markets that the Olympics is relying on to continue growing with the next generation.

Following reported intense discussions between the Los Angeles Olympic committee and the IOC, the proposed five events were approved on the grounds that it made financial sense for both sides and helped gain the attention of desired markets.

The most anticipated of the new crop of sports will undoubtedly be cricket, with its mass appeal in India that could send broadcasting rights through the roof. That decision, of course, hasn’t left everyone convinced.

But with plenty to look forward to in the future of the Olympics, let’s assess where it’ll all be at in a little more detail. Here’s the lowdown on the five new sports coming in at the 2028 Olympics.

2028 olympics, flag football, new sports
Flag Football is coming to the LA Olympics.

What are the new sports for the 2028 Olympics?

Cricket, squash, flag football, lacrosse and baseball/softball

There will be plenty of new faces and new sports come the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics, with five new events to be introduced at the Games.

Mainly they are being added to interest untapped markets and keep the younger generations of Olympic Games viewers invested.

1. Cricket

It has been speculated for a while that cricket may get the green light for the 2028 Olympics due to the IOC’s desire to tap into the Indian market – who recently hosted the One-Day World Cup.

Experts have raised the point that adding cricket to the Olympics would balloon the broadcasting rights, with the current deal for 2024 worth $30mil that could rise to a reported $280mil for 2028.

All reports suggest that the format will be T20 and is likely to stick around for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games.

Cricket World Cup preview, 2028 Olympics
In comes cricket for the 2028 Olympics.

2. Lacrosse

For the Los Angeles Games, there seems to be a dependancy on introducing popular American sports such as flag football and lacrosse to interest the younger generations.

After decades of fighting to return to the Olympics, lacrosse has finally been given its chance with its previous inclusion in the Games happening over a century ago in 1908.

The sport has been growing rapidly in recent years with the World Lacrosse organisation adding 13 new nation members since 2022.

3. Squash

Squash’s addition to the 2028 Olympics is one of the most significant and rewarding out of the other new events due to the decades of lobbying by the sport’s organising body.

Similar to lacrosse, the sport last featured at an Olympic Games in 1908, and have believed they should be elevated to the pinnacle of sport for quite some time.

4. Flag Football

The five on five non-contact sport has grown significantly in popularity over recent years due to its inclusivity with women and kids playing the sport at increasingly higher rates.

The NFL has been pushing for it to become an Olympic sport potentially for ulterior motives such as expanding the major league’s popularity internationally.

Similar to the addition of three on three basketball, flag football is a fast-paced, exciting product that is sure to gain attention come the 2028 Olympics.

flag football, 2028 olympics, new sports

5. Baseball/Softball

Although baseball and softball were at the 2020 Tokyo Games, it has been shown the door by Paris.

The reasoning for its axing has been so Paris 2024 can stick under the quota of 10,500 athletes – a requirement by the IOC – which would again be a hot topic for discussion come the 2028 Games.

Due to baseballs popularity in the States, it would make financial sense to include it in an Olympic Games held in that country.

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