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Tasmania is Getting a New AFL Stadium – And it Will Cost $750m!


Hobart Devils Den AFL Stadium

The Tasmanian government is reportedly on the verge of revealing plans for a new inner-city stadium that could house an AFL club in Hobart.

Tasmania Premier Peter Gutwein will provide details of his government’s plans during his State of the State address at parliament.

According to the ABC, the Tasmania government will reveal its chosen site for a new stadium as Hobart’s Regatta Ground foreshore, which neighbours the Macquarie Point site in Hobart’s CBD.

The $750 million purpose-built facility, dubbed the ‘Devils Den’, would feature a retractable roof, ferry terminals and seating for 27,000 fans – increasing to a capacity of 30,000 for concerts.

“It will be an important part of Tasmania’s sporting and entertainment evolution, growing and supporting the state’s visitor economy, and inspiring infrastructure and transport systems to support industry, business and community growth, ultimately shaping and invigorating our capital,” Premier Gutwein said.

Hobart Devils Den AFL Stadium Artist Impression
An artist’s impression of the new $750m ‘Devil’s Den’ AFL stadium in Hobart.

Financing for the stadium would be provided by all levels of government and the private sector, with the aim to have the stadium ready for the 2027 AFL season.

A 2019 Tasmanian AFL taskforce report provided guidelines for the state’s need for a new inner-city stadium if it were to be granted an AFL licence, and suggested Macquarie Point as an ideal location, mirroring similar builds in Adelaide and Perth. 

Royal Hobart Regatta Association president David Skeggs said his company would be eager to work with the Tasmanian government to see the stadium be built.

“I think that can happen. But let’s wait until we get down to the detail and the discussions,” he said. 

“One of the things we need to think about is the longevity of the regatta.”

“We need to have a model going forward that can sustain the regatta forever.”

The Colin Carter Review of the Tasmanian Taskforce submission for a team for Tasmania revealed there was a strong case for a 19th AFL club based in Tasmania. However, the report did not say whether a new stadium should be built but supported the team being split across Hobart and Launceston.

The AFL presidents will vote later this year on whether to approve expansion and add a 19th AFL club in Tasmania, with SEN’s Sam Edmund reporting there is positivity about the plan being backed.

“Now I’m told the AFL has been supportive of Tasmania’s bid for a 19th team at an executive level, so what this means voting wise – which has been very muddy, the voting process for this team – is with the AFL’s support, I’m told what Tassie needs from the 18 presidents is only a one-third majority,” Edmund said on SEN Breakfast.

“With the AFL on board, I’m told it will take two-thirds of the presidents to actually vote it down. Now Tassie only needs the six presidents.”

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