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Confirmed: It’s Steph vs. Sabrina in an All-Star 3-point contest for the ages


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Steph Curry and Sabrina Ionescu are assassins from beyond the arc; they terrorise both the NBA and WNBA respectively. But now it’s time to see how they shape up against each other.

Adding extra extra juice to an All-Star weekend that doesn’t always live up to the hype, we’re set to end the ‘greatest 3-point shooter debate’ for good.

Following WNBA star Sabrina Ionescu’s record breaking 3-point challenge performance at her league’s All Star weekend back in July 2023, fuel has been doused on the fiery debate of whether she is actually a better shooter than the NBA’s Steph Curry.

So in order to set the record straight, for the first time in NBA All Star weekend history, there will be an additional 3-point contest, with some actual meaning, that will only have two participants — Steph Curry and Sabrina Ionescu.

Steph Curry vs Sabrina Ionescu 3-point contest: Key details

When and where will the 3-point contest be played?

All Star weekend – Indianapolis, February 17

At the upcoming All-Star weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana at Gainsbridge Fieldhouse, the two widley respected best shooters of their respective league will face off this historic duel under the usual 3-point contest rules.

It’s expected to be contested on the Saturday when most of the other challenges are on such as ‘the skills challenge’, ‘Slam-dunk constest’, and the regular ‘3-point contest’.

Early reports indicate that it will be broadcasted live on TNT in America from 8pm ET, which would be 12pm AEDT on February 18.

What are the rules for this 3-point contest?

Since it’s the first crossover for a 3-point shooting event between NBA and WNBA players, there’s a bit of initial confusion around what the rules will be, as the leagues have different court dimensions.

The way it will be structured is that Curry will shoot his shots from the NBA 3-point line (7.24 metres) with official NBA basketballs, while Sabrina Ionescu will shoot from the WNBA line (6.75 metres) with WNBA balls.

However, just after the NBA announced the exciting matchup, Sabrina took to Twitter to claim that she’ll shoot from the NBA line, so we’ll wait to see if this actually happens.

The rules for the competition scoring are as followed:

  • 4 ball racks with 4 game ball and 1 “money” ball
  • 5th rack will be a special “all money ball” rack which Steph and Sabrina can decide where that spot is
  • Two ‘Starry‘ Range shots which are further away at around 30-feet (9.14 metres)
  • Shot values
    • Game balls worth 1 point
    • Money balls worth 2 points
    • Starry range worth 3 points
Stephen Curry, 3-point contest, sabrina, Highest paid athletes, NBA in season tournament
Stephen Curry has won the NBA 3-point contest two-times with an NBA record score of 31.

Here’s how the charity aspect will work

The NBA has outlined that as part of the competition, Stephen Curry’s non-for-profit Eat.Learn.Play and Ionescu’s SI20 Foundation will receive a donation from both the NBA and WNBA.

In addition, each shot made by the two of them will trigger a donation from State Farm to the NBA Foundation to support economic empowerment in the Black community.

The way it will work is $1,000 for every regular 3-pointer made, $2,000 for each of the ‘money balls’ made, and $3,000 for the 30-foot shots.

Why is the 3-point contest just between Curry and Ionescu?

There’s no denying that these two are the premier 3-point assassins of their leagues; both with record 3-pointers made in a single season.

Everyone knows the story of how Curry changed the game of basketball forever by shooting a mass of 3-pointers that saw all other 29 NBA teams follow suit. But Sabrina Ionescu’s 3-point prowess is arguably better, especially when it comes to a 3-point challenge.

Back in July last year at the WNBA All Star weekend, Ionescu broke the 3-point contest record with an incredible 37-points, which sparked the potential for something like this upcoming event to happen.

In doing so she surpassed Steph Curry and Indiana Pacers guard Tyrese Haliburton who held the equal highest score of 31 for the all-time 3-point contest record.

Although this sounds like something fans demanded, it was actually instigated by the players themselves. Recently Curry was mic’ed up for ESPN and said “I gotta go after Sabrina’s record. We’ve got to settle that for sure to see who’s the best 3-point competition shooter.”

There will be plenty on the line for both in the bragging stakes, with being the outright greatest shooter on the planet a serious title that many would love to have.

What else is happening at the 2024 NBA All Star weekend?

The NBA has taken notable strides in expanding the All-Star weekend’s appeal by reverting back to the traditional ‘East vs. West‘ format for the main game after mixed results from the team draft experiment in recent years.

After an incredible Slam-Dunk Contest last year in Utah with dynamic participants such as G-Leaguer and 2023 winner Mac McClung, the Saturday is looking much more enticing.

The skills challenge will feature number-one draft pick Victor Wembanyama which will be the first time he’s featured at an NBA All-Star weekend.

Ultimately, “Stephen vs. Sabrina” stands as an embodiment of the All-Star weekend’s spirit – a celebration of talent, innovation, and community impact.

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