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NBA’s new kid on the block achieves every player’s dream with first shoe


scoot henderson signature sneakers puma

Not many NBA players can boast about having their own signature sneaker, let alone getting one in their first year in the league.

But for Portland Trail Blazers guard and number three pick overall in the 2023 NBA Draft, Scoot Henderson, that has become his reality; the 19-year-old’s about to release his first shoe.

The sneaker – named the ‘PUMA Scoot Zeros’ – is one of the latest NBA signature sneakers to drop and will be publicly available just in time for Christmas.

The gamble from PUMA to sign a non-college athlete, that some have called unproven, has clearly paid off, with Henderson being one of the most hyped rookies this season alongside the Spurs’ Victor Wembanyama and OKC’s Chet Holmgren.

It’s an historic announcement from the sporting brand, as Scoot now has become the 10th NBA rookie of all-time to get a signature shoe during their first season – behind the likes of Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Not bad company.

But with PUMA announcing the official first colourway, and the release date of Scoot Henderson’s first signature shoe, here’s everything we know about the the ‘PUMA Scoot Zeros’.

scoot henderson, portland
Scoot Henderson is Portland’s new franchise hope, after Damian Lillard’s departure.

When will Scoot Henderson’s signature shoes be released?

December 15

All reports suggest that December 15 will be the release date of Scoot Henderson’s first signature shoe, although PUMA’s official website has no date attached to the ‘coming soon’ sneaker.

For Australian’s looking to get a piece of Scoot Henderson history, you will be able to purchase them off the your regular sneaker retailers – Footlocker, Throwback, etc.

How much do the ‘PUMA Scoot Zeros’ cost?

$100 USD ($180 AUD)

The ‘PUMA Scoot Zeros’ have been listed at a fairly average price of $100 USD ($180 AUD), which we have seen recently on signature sneakers such as Austin Reaves Rigorer AR1.

These shoes are slightly cheaper than PUMA’s main signature shoe range, which centres around Charlotte Hornets star LaMelo Ball — the price point on those vary from around $100-140 USD ($150-210 AUD).

scoot henderson first signature sneaker
Scoot Henderson first signature sneaker, Puma

What are the key details on the ‘PUMA Scoot Zeros’?

Firstly, let’s start with the name — the ‘PUMA Scoot Zeros’.

Like most NBA signature sneakers, the brand name is always thrown in there somewhere. But what differs on this one is Scoot Henderson’s decision to opt against the normal numbering of each shoe, instead starting at zero.

For Henderson, zero is an important number for him as he’s worn the jersey number not only so far the Trail Blazers, but also in high school — copying his favourite players Russell Westbrook and Damian Lillard.

Design wise, the first ‘PUMA Scoot Zeros’ colourway is called ‘Georgia Peach’, which is a representation of Scoot’s rise from growing up in the state of Georgia to reaching the NBA.

According to PUMA, the silhouette embodies the rookie guard’s connection with fans and hoping to inspire them along the journey.

Running along the side panel of the ‘Georgia Peach’ colouway is a green jagged line representing a leaf on a peach or peach tree. The main colours of the majority of Scoot Henderson’s signature sneaker are pink, light purple and beige – all representing a peach.

Scoot Henderson has rammed home the message that the whole shoe is about paying respect to his home state of Georgia, who are known for growing some of the best peaches in the world.

What has Scoot Henderson said about his first signature sneaker?

With the Scoot Henderson signature sneaker finally here, it’s fair to say the Portland Trail Blazers star is excited to see it hit the shelves for the rest of the basketball community.

Speaking to Complex, Henderson seemed to still be wrapping his brain around the realisation of having his own signature shoe that now puts him in rarified air.

When asked about his first impressions of the ‘PUMA Scoot Zeros’ he said, “first and foremost was just like damn, I got my own shoes… I’m blessed”

“That was the first thing I thought of, and I just took in that moment and was just happy for myself, honestly.”

2023 NBA Draft, Brandon Miller, Scoot Henderson
Scoot Henderson (right) was drafted into the NBA out of the NBA G-League Ignite

“It was only right for me to pay homage to where I’m from and how much of an impact Georgia has had on me.”

Scoot wasn’t aware of the elite group of NBA players — both past and present — he was joining by getting his own signature shoe.

“It’s a blessing to even have the opportunity to be on of those select few players. So I’m not gonna take it for granted. I’m gonna try to show Rip City (Portland) who I am and I’m not gonna make anybody regret (drafting him).”

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