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Netflix’s latest sports drama dives into the intense world of sumo wrestling



Netflix is about to drop a brand new scripted sports drama, Sanctuary, for your binge-watching pleasure. This time, focussing on the world of sumo wrestling.

Sanctuary is an eight-episode miniseries from production company Slowtide that will debut exclusively on Netflix next month.

Sanctuary, Netflix

So what do we know about the show so far?

When is Sanctuary getting released?

May 4, 2023

Sanctuary will drop on Netflix on May 4, 2023. You can watch it here.

Is there a Sanctuary trailer?

Netflix has finally released a trailer for Sanctuary to give you an idea of exactly what you can expect when it hits our screens next month. You can watch the full trailer below.

What is Sanctuary about?

According to the synopsis, the show is a “bold and intense human drama” following the life of Kiyoshi Oze — who enters the world of sumo under the name “Enno”.

“Unmotivated to train, often skipping practice and defying his more experienced seniors, Oze is branded as a hopeless case, but he gradually delves deeper into the world of sumo,” the synopsis reads.

“This human drama depicts Oze and the young people surrounding the world of sumo as they struggle to find their way in life, including Shimizu (played by Shota Sometani), who loves the sport but is not blessed with an ideal physique, and Kunishima (played by Shioli Kutsuna), a newspaper reporter who gets relegated to covering sumo. This tale of spirited young people fighting for an improbable victory in the depths of despair while at the mercy of the “sanctuary” is about to begin.”

Sanctuary, Netflix

Who is involved in Sanctuary?

The project is directed by Eguchi Kan and written by Kanazawa Tomoki, and features an impressive cast and crew.

The cast includes Sometani Shota (Themis), Kutsuna Shioli (Deadpool 2), Taguchi Tomorowo, Kaku So (Kamen Rider Zero-One), Sumi Hiroki (John Wick: Chapter 4), Pierre Taki (Like Father, Like Son), Kishitani Goro (The Returner), Sasano Takashi (Departures), Kobayashi Kei (Metropolis) and Omusubi (The Outsider), among others.

What else can I watch on Netflix?

If you’re waiting for Sanctuary to be released on Netflix, we have compiled a laundry list of documentaries you can watch in the mean time.

In addition to Formula 1: Drive to Survive, there is also Full Swing (golf), The Test (cricket), Make or Break (surfing), Welcome to Wrexham (football), as well as an upcoming Netflix project on Le Tour De France. Not to mention, other fictional shows like Ted Lasso.

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