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Bronny’s committed to a college. So when’s he going to get drafted and is he a ‘lottery’ talent?


Bronny James

It would be almost indescribable to explain the pressure of being the son of the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, but Bronny James is finally starting to make a name for himself.

The hype and anticipation surrounding LeBron James Jr (aka Bronny) has risen.

The son of the Lakers’ superstar has been described as a one-of-a-kind player with an incredible ability to make his teammates look better – remind you of someone?

However, unlike the LeBron James, there is no guarantee he is going to be drafted in the first round of selections, let alone the first overall pick. He is currently ranked the no.19 recruit in the country, but there’s a lot to play out before his NBA journey begins.

Bronny James commits to college & USC

His next step, as of May 7, has reportedly been confirmed; he’s committed to USC (the University of Southern California), meaning a year of college ball awaits. It also means his staying close to dad, who’s of course still right now with the Lakers.


Bronny had other options – international leagues including the NBL, or the G-League, like more prospects are opting to do. Ultimately, he’s decide to stay in a comfort zone. But when you consider how much pressure and scrutiny he’ll be under every step of this year, while still maturing, having his family close by makes a lot of sense.

There are still a few questions to be answered , though. So here’s what else you might need to know about the heir to the throne and what happens from here.

When is Bronny James able to be drafted to the NBA?

The 18-year-old is finishing his final year of high school at Sierra Canyon in California, so being drafted into the same league his father has dominated for the past 20-years is still over a year away.

Bronny will be eligible for the 2024 draft class, which is expected to be a strong group of emerging talent.

The draft itself will happen around June-July next year, so there’s a lot of basketball to be played at USC before then.

Bronny James
Son of a gun Bronny James

Is Bronny James going to be a top 10 pick?

It’s become a huge topic for debate – will Bronny James be a top ten pick in the draft?

The latest report is yes he will according to ESPN’s 2024 NBA mock draft which has him being selected by the Orlando Magic with the tenth pick.

This is the first time he has landed inside the top ten and has been predicted as low as the 36th selection in previous mock drafts.

Although much can change in the next 16 months, ESPN has explained that Bronny deserves to be recognised this high up after making improvements in all aspects of his game.

“(Bronny) has earned his spot in lottery conversations with the significant jump he has made at Sierra Canyon in Chatsworth, California this season,” ESPN wrote.

“Developing into arguably the best perimeter defender in his high school class while making strides in his perimeter shooting and playmaking ability.”

And the scary thing is after another year of growing and developing, he could potentially be a top five pick.

What happens now with Bronny?

The rising star will turn his attention to NCAA college ball in America with USC. Staying close to his family support network is the wise call for someone with so much weight on his shoulders already.

USC will interestingly be managing the hype of Bronny James along with Caleb Williams, who’s considered one of the best quarterbacking talents we’ll see emerge this decade. Williams is already expected to be taken first overall in the NFL Draft that’s just under 12 months away.

It’s going to be utter chaos at the University of Southern California for the next 10 months.

There was hope down under that Bronny might opt for an accelerated growth alternative and sign with a club in an international league, like the NBL. Going around the college route has worked wonders in recent years, with the best examples being European prospects Giannis Antetokounmpo, Nikola Jokic and Luka Doncic.

Even the likes of young guards LaMelo Ball and Josh Giddey have shown how to make the NBA without attending an American college.

Is it possible for Bronny to play an NBA game with his father?

As Bronny enters the next chapter, college, there are questions on the horizon surrounding how his legendary father fits into the equation.

LeBron James is on the record saying that his goal is to play alongside his son in an NBA game, but if he is to do that he will have to wait until the 2024/25 season for that to be a possibility.

By that time LeBron will be into his 22nd season in the NBA, which would tie Vince Carter for the equal most seasons played in the association’s history. 

Making that even more complicated, is the fact that it’s still very undetermined where Bronny will end up going in the draft and how LeBron will find his way to that franchise.

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