Ben Garuccio’s ‘Scorpion’ Goal Shocks the Football World


Western United defender Ben Garuccio scored what can only be described as an ‘unbelievable goal’ in his side’s 3-2 A-League Men victory over Western Sydney Wanderers.

Garuccio was just outside the six-yard box when he threw himself forward to connect with his teammate Aleksandar Prijovic’s outside-of-the-boot cross. He then flung his leg behind him and flicked the ball over his body and into the bottom corner of the goal with his right heel. 

In football, the goal is known as a ‘scorpion kick’.

Understandably, Garuccio, who scored twice in the game, was proud of the goal when interviewed afterwards.

“It was unbelievable, to be honest,” Garuccio told reporters.

“It was spur of the moment. (Prijovic) got it and I saw a little gap and I just ran and he played a top ball and I just stuck my leg up basically and I thought, ‘if I can get any sort of connection on this it will be alright’.”

Garuccio said the ‘scorpion kick’ was no accident and he had attempted it at training without success.

“I did mean it – but could I do it again in a thousand goes? Probably not,” Garuccio said on the broadcast afterwards.

“It just felt like I got a good connection on it because I did one in training a couple of weeks ago and I face-planted horribly and everyone laughed at me.”

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When interviewed after the match, Western United coach John Aloisi, himself a former striker, was full of praise for his defenders effort and said Garuccio could be in line for the Puskas Award – the award handed out by FIFA for the most ‘aesthetically significant goal’ in world football.

“I didn’t know if he did a bicycle kick or what until I saw it back on the screen. I just couldn’t believe it,” Aloisi said.

“There’s some goal. He’s probably in line for a Puskas Award, goal of the year around the world, so let’s hope he gets that.”

This author has watched a lot of football in his 35 years and Garuccio’s goal is definitely up there with one of the best he has seen. 

Garuccio’s goal brought back memories of Riley McGree’s goal when he was playing for the Newcastle Jets against Melbourne City in an A-League semi-final in April 2018.

McGree was on the run and just inside the 18-yard box when he produced an outrageous ‘scorpion kick’ that went into the top corner of the net.

The goal was nominated for the Puskas Award but was robbed of victory.

On commentary for Fox Sports, Brenton Speed was left stunned by the goal.

“Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!”.

“Have you seen a more freakish goal in A-League history?”

UK TV channel BT Sport called it ‘one of the most amazing goals you will ever, ever see,’ while also adding ‘surely the Puskas Award is in the bag.’

Most fans will agree that the A-League can sometimes be boring, crowds are often small at games and the quality of football isn’t great, however there are moments of magic and pure joy that sometimes get produced, just like the ‘scorpion kick’ goals by Ben Garuccio and Riley McGree. 

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