Jordan Brand is staying busy and the latest Zion release looks another instant classic


Jordan Zion 3, Zion sneaker release

If you thought Jordan Brand sneakers couldn’t get any better, then think again.

The new Zion 3 signature shoe will hit shelves around September, 2023, adding to what’s becoming a long shopping list this calendar year for sneakers.

The New Orleans Pelicans star has had a rollercoaster of a ride through his first four seasons in the NBA, but two things are for certain – he’s an incredibly talented player, and he doesn’t miss when it comes to his sneakers.

Zion Williamson, Jordan Zion 3
Zion Williamson is one of the biggest names to come through college in the past decade, drafted first overall by New Orleans in 2019.

Images have emerged of the latest instalment of Zion Williamson’s shoe-line with Jordan Brand, the Zion 3 — and multiple colourways are headed our way throughout the final months of the year.

It’s incredible to think that in four years in the league, Zion has had three signature shoes — similar to Mavericks star and fellow Jordan Brand athlete Luka Doncic, with his second edition to be released in as many years – clearly a Jordan Brand approach.

So far, the early images of the Zion 3 show a move towards a slimmer design, with his past sneakers being slightly bigger. The bulkier build of the shoes has potentially just been for ease of mind, as Williamson broke through a pair of Paul Georges whilst in college playing for Duke.

The 22-year-old is excited for his next sneaker release, with the Jordan Zion 3 to be rolled out globally from September 2023, representing his mentality of making it ‘out of the mud’.

With plenty to unpack about this upcoming release, here’s everything you need to know about the Zion 3.

Jordan Zion 3
The Jordan Zion 3, all four colourways.

When are the Jordan Zion 3 signature sneakers being released?

From September 2023

According to Complex, the upcoming release of the Zion 3 will be spread out colourway by colourway throughout the remainder of 2023.

The first design to be released is reported to be the ‘Sanctuary’, which is the predominantly black and pink look, and early rumours suggest this could be out in September as a North America exclusive. Following that, it’s set to be monthly drops; ‘Mud, Sweat and Tears’ out October, ‘Fresh Paint’ in November and the ‘Black/White’ colourway to be released in December.

No specific date has been given by Nike or Jordan, at this stage — the shoes aren’t officially announced on the website as of mid-July.

Zion Williamson, NBA trade rumours, trade talk, next team, Zion 3

How much do the Jordan Zion 3 signature sneakers cost and where can I get them?

With the release tipped for September, the entire Zion 3 collection will be available in full-family sizes and are expected to be at the retail price of $140 USD (roughly $210 AUD).

Expect leniency when it comes to kids and potentially infant sizes with the price but it could be different dependant on where you purchase them from.

The Jordan Zion 3 will be available for purchasing through Nike’s online store and at select sneaker retailers.

What are the details on the upcoming Zion 3s?

The images that have been released online show between four to six different colourways, with at least four of them basically guaranteed to be released — as some might be player exclusives.

The initial release is expected to be the ‘Sanctuary’ colourway, with a majority of it black with piercing bright pink and turquoise detailing. It is meant to be a visual representation of the stained glass windows of the sanctuary where Zion Williamson trains.

October’s release called ‘Mud, Sweat and Tears’ is a design dedicated to Zion’s emotional journey of getting “out of the mud” (his hometown of Marion, South Carolina) as shown through a mud pattern across the body of the shoe.

Zion 3

This so called ‘mud pattern’ is on all of the Zion 3 releases and is the key theme of the entire collection from Jordan Brand.

Expected to be available come November is the ‘Fresh Paint’ colourway; an ode to the classic Air Jordan 4 ‘White Cement’.

Finally, rumoured to be release just in time for everyone’s Christmas wish-list in Decmeber, is the ‘Black/White’ design. Simplicity is key to this one with people labelling it ‘understated’ and ‘impressive’.

What has Zion Williamson said about his upcoming Zion 3 sneakers?

It’s fair to say Zion is still coming to terms with the fact that he has his third signature sneaker coming out in 2023 as he explained to Complex.

“This is crazy. It still doesn’t feel real that I have a signature shoe, and here we are with Jordan Brand on my third one,” Williamson said.

“The Zion 3 not only tells my story of making it out the mud, but it is one that I believe many basketball players out there will like because of its low to the ground feel and incredible cushioning.”

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