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The Nike Air Max Dn looks one of the brand’s all time most dynamic drops


nike air max dn, 2024

Everyone’s had a pair of Air Max’s at some point in their life, but you definitely haven’t seen a pair this dynamic.

Kicking off the year in a strong way, Nike are releasing what they call ‘the most dynamic silhouette in the Air Max collection’ — the Nike Air Max Dn.

Expected to be available for the public in late-March – in celebration of Air Max Week 2024 – the shoe marks the start of a new generation in Nike’s footwear cushioning revolution that began over three decades ago.

Every footwear brand is looking to create a successful new design that stands out amongst the market in an ever-evolving sneaker world.

And with this serious change in look for the collection in both look and feel for Nike Air Max Dn, there’s every chance this is one of the most popular shoes this year.

It’s clear to see the brand’s innovation, design, engineering and research teams were fixated on creating this incomparable look; trying to develop a smooth sensation for buyers that replicates what it’s like to walk on Air.

With the release of the new Nike Air Max Dn, here’s everything you need to know about the brand’s next generation in the silhouette.

The new Nike Air Max Dn: All the key details

Let’s dive into it.

When and where will the Nike Air Max Dn be released?

March 26 – via SNKRS and

Early images and videos from Nike have showcased the ‘All Night’ colourway of the Nike Air Max Dn, which will be released on March 26 as part of the Air Max Week 2024.

Additional colourways will also be released on the same date, and will be available for purchasing via and will launch on SNKRS as well.

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How much do the Nike Air Max Dn cost?

There has been no official retail price given to the sneakers as of early-February, but keep an eye on for more information closer to the release date on the cost.

They will be released in men’s, women’s and big kids sizes so price may vary there.

Nike Air Max Dn, 2024

What makes this such a revolutionary design?

Nike have narrowed in on three areas they updated for the Nike Air Max Dn that makes it such a bold and sleek innovation as part of their new generation of Air Max’s.

The first one they outlined in their official press release is the ‘Dynamic Air’, which is appearing for the first time with this shoe. It is a new dual-chamber, four-tubed Nike Air unit designed for unreal comfort, a smooth stride and max bounce. As you move, air freely flows between the tubes in each chamber, allowing air to respond to the pressure as you move.

The next one is the ‘digital enhancements’ their team made in analysis to help test the air unit more quickly and accurately before making prototypes for real-life testing in the lab.

When testing the air unit’s durability, for instance, the team could digitally simulate a year’s worth of wear and tear on the shoe in just a few hours — absolutely insane!

The final area – and arguably the most vital – is ‘support’. Nike have used a highly versatile material with unique properties that offer both superior performance and flexibility around the mid-foot and heel.

Injected Phylon foam surrounds the air unit, providing comfort under foot, while a street-ready rubber outsole wraps around the heel to provide traction and durability.

What have people said about the upcoming shoe?

Comments online surrounding the shoe have been majority positive in tone, with plenty of people excited for it’s upcoming release.

Initially the purple/pink colour tones gave some people the impression it was just going to be a women’s shoe, but that is not the case. The Air Max Dns will be released in men’s, women’s and big kids sizes.

DePaul Williams – product associate for Nike Lifestyle Footwear said “we recognise today’s youth dress from head to toe rather than once upon a time sneaker enthusiasts dressing from toe to head.”

“So, as expected, you will see more energetic colourways but also colours that make it easy to style and add dimension to the wardrobe.”

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