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An up-to-date look at every signature shoe in action in the NBA right now


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Many basketball players dream of making it to the league, but not many get to take it to the next level – having their own signature sneaker.

Well the NBA signature shoes market has exploded in recent years, with the growth of smaller footwear brands signing marquee talent, as they branch out into the basketball game.

Heading into the 2023-24 NBA season, we’ve seen Skechers enter the market locking up reigning MVP Joel Embiid, rising Lakers superstar Austin Reaves sign with Rigorer, and many familiar faces release the latest addition to their NBA signature shoes line.

What was once considered a right reserved for the most elite in the game has changed since the early 2000s, with (in some cases) the ‘second option’ on a team having their own signature sneaker.

It definitely means there’s more money in the basketball sneaker game, but it’s left fans confused as to who actually has their own NBA signature shoes.

So we’re here to help. Here’s all of the latest NBA signature shoes, revealed from A-Z.

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The NBA’s 2023-24 season is here.

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Current NBA signature shoes in the market

Aaron Gordon – AG 4.0

image 11

This is Denver Nuggets champion Aaron Gordon’s fourth signature shoe with Chinese brand 361 Degrees.

It’s expected to be the pair he wears for the majority of the 2023-24 season; a surprising NBA signature shoes list starter for many, due to his sneaker not being as well known because he isn’t with a major footwear brand.

Andrew Wiggins – Peak AW1

Screen Shot 2023 10 23 at 5.38.46 pm

Wiggins has been with Chinese brand Peak since 2020 and has released two shoes in the ‘Wiggins line’.

The most recent one, the Andrew Wiggins Peak Mimic, is a lifestyle shoe, therefore, does not get a mention on our NBA signature shoes list.

Anthony Edwards – Adidas AE 1

NBA signature shoes

An exciting new addition the growing list of NBA signature shoes is Minnesota Timberwolves’ star Anthony Edwards with Adidas.

It had been rumoured for months online, but now the Ant-Man will release his first sneaker in December 2023, just in time for Christmas.

Austin Reaves – Rigorer AR1

Screen Shot 2023 10 23 at 5.41.47 pm

During the NBA off-season, Reaves inked a deal with Rigorer, another Chinese brand that is trying to break through into the basketball footwear market.

Although the Lakers guard looks destined for great things in the league, it is surprising that he has received a signature shoe before star teammate Anthony Davis.

Chris Paul – Jordan CP3.XIII

image 12

It’s been a while since Chris Paul released a signature shoe, with the Jordan CP3.XIII coming out during the 2020/21 season.

Paul has been a Jordan athlete for well over a decade and has begun to branch out into more lifestyle shoe collabs with the billion-dollar business.

CJ McCollum – Li-Ning CJ-2

Screen Shot 2023 10 23 at 5.44.01 pm

Li-Ning is slowly becoming a bigger name in the NBA signature shoes arena, signing New Orleans Pelicans guard CJ McCollum to a multi-year deal back in 2021.

In 2023, the second iteration of McCollum’s shoes were released and are expected to be his obvious go-to this season.

Damian Lillard – DAME 8 EXTPLY

Screen Shot 2023 10 23 at 5.46.16 pm

Plenty of change has happened in the world of Damian Lillard from moving franchises to now an eighth edition of his NBA signature shoes.

The DAME 8 EXTPLY (extended play) is designed as a nod to his creative work ethic and desire for greatness – potentially with the Milwaukee Bucks

Read our expectations for the Bucks in our 2023/24 NBA season guide.

Derrick Rose – D Rose Son of Chi 3

Screen Shot 2023 10 23 at 5.47.26 pm

The former MVP is one of only a few privileged players to have different assortments of NBA signature shoes, and the newest release, the D Rose Son of Chi 3, is one of them.

Rose has his classic signature sneaker line that’s most recent edition was the D Rose 11. But the Son of Chi series looks to be the way forward for the NBA veteran.

Devin Booker – Nike Book 1

image 13

As of October 2023, the Nike Book 1 is yet to released, but is already stirring up enough hype to be the most anticipated signature sneaker in quite some time.

So far we have seen two different colourways – an orange one based on the desert landscape of Arizona and a ‘Cool Grey’ one that was seen on foot in the NBA preseason games.

Donovan Mitchell – Adidas D.O.N. Issue #5

Screen Shot 2023 10 23 at 5.49.43 pm

With the latest release of the Adidas D.O.N. Issue #5, Cleveland’s Donovan Mitchell became the fourth active play to have five models with the ‘3-Stripes’.

It may look familiar to some who saw the MLB All-Star Game where it was first seen in a cleated version.

Giannis Antetokounmpo – Nike Zoom Freak 5

image 14

There’s been mixed reviews about the latest instalment in the Greek Freak’s NBA signature shoes line, with some thinking it has taken a step back in style.

But this shoe could potentially be the one that is worn through another championship run, just like the Freak 2s back in 2021.

Gordon Hayward – Anta GH4

Screen Shot 2023 10 23 at 5.54.06 pm

It’s been a lean few years with the Charlotte Hornets for Gordon Hayward due to injury but that hasn’t stopped Chinese brand Anta from releasing a new edition of his signature shoe line.

Launched in August 2023, the Anta Gordon Hayward GH4 has a very modern look to it but will likely be an unpopular shoe due to Hayward’s recent decline.

Ja Morant – JA 1

image 15

Extremely popular amongst the youth is the new JA 1s due to Morant’s flashy plays and highlight reels.

Although they were released last season, there is no indication of new silhouette coming anytime soon.

Read more about Ja Morant’s signature shoes here.

James Harden – Harden Vol. 8

In his Los Angeles Clippers debut in early-November, Harden also debuted his newest signature shoe – the Harden Vol. 8s.

There’s currently no details on the release of the sneaker to the public, but we can probably expect it to be a few months into 2024.

image 19

Jayson Tatum – Jordan Tatum 1

image 29

Due to Boston and Tatum’s popularity, the Jordan Tatum 1 has been a hit since being released in early-2023.

Debuted at the All-Star game that season, Tatum pulled off one of the great advertisements for a signature sneaker by dropping a record 55-points and securing the All-Star MVP trophy.

Jimmy Butler – Li-Ning JB1

image 28

Joining the Chinese brand after an incredible run to the NBA Finals in 2020; Butler has become Li-Ning’s biggest signing.

His first NBA signature shoes pay homage to many significant parts of his life such as his college team (Marquette), the Miami Heat and even impactful playoff series wins such as the Heat’s 8th seed upset over Milwaukee in 2023.

Joel Embiid – UA EMBIID ONE

image 27

Under Armour have been Joel Embiid’s footwear brand for years now, even releasing his first signature shoe – the UA EMBIID ONE.

However, the partnership looks set to end as the 2023 NBA MVP is expected to sign a new deal with Skechers who has just created a basketball division of their brand.

Kawhi Leonard – KAWHI III

image 26

It’s fair to say that Kawhi Leonard is a different cat compared to other NBA players, so it was no surprise he decided to opt with New Balance back in 2018 who were struggling in the basketball market.

“One of the reasons that I came (to New Balance) is I wanted to build and start something of my own. Starting with this new company in basketball, and they’ve been great,” Leonard said in early 2023.

Kevin Durant – Nike KD 16

image 25

KD sneakers have been a staple of the the NBA signature shoes range for almost two decades now since the former MVP burst onto the stage in Seattle. And his latest pair might be one of the best heading into the 2023/24 season.

Packed with Nike’s best technology including the combination of Nike Air and Zoom Air, the KD 16s is a lightweight, dimensional shoe with great stability.

Klay Thompson – ANTA KT9

Screen Shot 2023 10 24 at 12.42.29 pm

First seen on Klay Thompson’s tour of Asia during the off-season, ANTA are releasing the four-time champion’s ninth signature sneaker.

Much more reserved than the high top KT8; Thompson’s signature shoe line doesn’t look to be slowing down with still three more years left on his contract with ANTA.

Kyrie Irving – Nike Kyrie 8

image 24

After a long and extremely successful stint with Nike, that ended in the brand having to dump him, Irving has signed a five-year endorsement deal with ANTA.

A part of the deal includes becoming the chief creative officer of ANTA which involves the ability to recruit other players as well be a part of the decision making surrounding basketball shoes.

But similar to Embiid, we’ll keep his most recent NBA signature shoes with Nike on this list until one is released but ANTA.

LaMelo Ball – PUMA MB.03

Screen Shot 2023 10 24 at 12.40.34 pm

What LaMelo Ball has done for Puma in the basketball game is insane, with his third edition finally here, fans are starting to see that LaMelo has a real gift for keeping up with the trends.

His first signature shoe had unbelievable hype, so much so that they would sell out online almost instantly.

LeBron James – Nike LeBron 21

image 22

As the 2023/24 NBA season begun, the league’s all-time leading scorer in its history released his 21st NBA signature shoes to go hand in hand with his 21st season in the NBA.

The latest edition has brought plenty of hype back to the LeBron line, with basketball fans drooling over the pictures before its release.

Luka Doncic – Jordan Luka 2

image 21

Another season, another time Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic is a serious contender for league MVP. But this time he’ll set out to do in his latest signature sneaker, the Jordan Luka 2s.

The second iteration of his shoe line was released just ten months after the original silhouette come out, so we could potentially see the third shoe in no time.

Paul George – PG 6

image 20

Paul George’s NBA signature shoes have been a fan favourite for quite some time but have been rumoured to potentially be ending, as the Clippers superstar wore Nike Kobe 6s for several months exclusively last season.

But this has been counteracted with some leaked images of what’s said to be PG 7s.

Russell Westbrook – Jordan “Why Not?” Zer0.6

Screen Shot 2023 10 24 at 12.35.47 pm

One of the best basketball sneakers in the game right now, especially design wise, is the Jordan “Why Not?” Zer0.6s – Russell Westbrook’s latest NBA signature shoes.

Although this shoe was worn for a majority of the 2022/23 season, there’s been no indication of a seventh one coming anytime soon.

Spencer Dinwiddie – 361 Spencer Dinwiddie Kontrol 3.0

Screen Shot 2023 10 24 at 12.34.55 pm

When it comes to NBA signature shoes, a player like Spencer Dinwiddie might come as a surprise to have a pair of his own. But similarly to Aaron Gordon, Dinwiddie is a ‘361 Degree’ athlete.

But he also has his own basketball shoe company, K8IROS, where there’s more personalised signature shoes that he has created himself.

Stephen Curry – Under Armour Curry 11

image 19

The Curry 11 is the Golden State Warriors champion’s fourth signature shoe under his namesake side-branch of Under Armour, Curry Brand.

In March 2023, Curry inked a long-term extension with Under Armour that made him the president of his UA Curry Brand where he will provide insights to product development as well as strategies going forward.

Trae Young – TRAE YOUNG 3

image 18

One of the best NBA signature shoes heading into the 2023-24 season is the third iteration of Adidas Trae Young line.

Said to be celebrating his unique look, expressiveness and futuristic style, this new silhouette is built for optimised motion and stability.

On top of all of this, the outer sole and its 3D look makes it one of the best looking shoes this season, and will definitely be a big seller.

Zion Williamson – Jordan Zion 3

image 17

It’s crazy to think Zion Williamson has his third pair of NBA signature shoes out, because it feels like he just entered the league.

Due to his strength game and explosiveness around the hoop, the Zion 3 is all about cushioning on impact, making it an incredibly comfortable shoe.

The eye-catching mud splatter on each colourway represents Zion’s emotional journey of making “out of the mud” (his hometown of Marion, South Carolina).

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