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Jude Bellingham is set to receive Adidas’ ultimate acknowledgment


Jude Bellingham Adidas

When you’re dominating at such a young age in one of the world’s most popular sporting franchises, you’re practically any company’s dream ambassador.

Englishman Jude Bellingham – currently playing with Real Madrid – is set to receive his own signature logo and boots from sportswear giant Adidas, off the back of the 20-year-old continuing to grow in status as one of the game’s best, currently.

The midfield-sensation has had quite the first season at his new club, which has seen him become an even more familiar name and face in world football. So much so that now rumours have emerged his sponsor, Adidas, is reported to be releasing a signature ‘Jude Bellingham logo’ and boots.


Social media was sent into a frenzy when posts started to circulate with the rumour surrounding this major development in Bellingham’s profile. Fans seemed to express a desire for Adidas to go down the road Nike did about 40 years ago with the ‘athlete silhouette’ logo they did for Michael Jordan.

It’s pretty far-fetched they’d actually go down that famous logo route, but since Bellingham is known for his signature goal celebration where he spreads his arms open in a ‘V’ formation, there is something Adidas can work with there.

What does the Jude Bellingham Adidas logo look like?

As of early-February, there has been no official logo released by Adidas regarding Real Madrid’s superstar. However, fans have gone to work on what they believe it should look like.

There are rumours circulating that the sportswear giant will give Bellingham the ultimate compliment with his very own logo, since the 20-year-old is already becoming one of the best players on the planet right now.

Fans have been crying out since the rumours started for the brand to follow Nike’s Jordan silhouette logo, with mock-ups from supporters showcasing Bellingham’s signature goal celebration where he faces the stands and opens his arms wide as if to say “look at me” in a silhouette.

With him at the peak of his powers in his career at the moment, a logo would be a smart move by Adidas, and would do wonders for his image amongst the game of football.

jude bellingham, england
One of England’s finest

What will the signature football boots look like?

Bellingham has been one of the focal points for Adidas’s promotional campaign for their newest instalment of the fan-favourite ‘Predators’, with the Predator 24 being released back in mid-January.

This season’s design is a classic throwback to the look from years past, with the latest model showing the return of the iconic ‘tongue’ design.

Jude’s role in the successful roll out of the Predator 24s puts him in rarefied air amongst ‘Predator’ legends such as Zinedine Zidane, and England’s own David Beckham. People are calling for these rumours to be made into reality and have Bellingham properly honoured with his own signature Predator boot.

Who is Jude Bellingham?

Here’s more for those still catching up.

Jude is a 20-year-old football player for Spanish and world powerhouse Real Madrid, who has played for Birmingham City and Borussia Dortmund in his professional career. As of early 2024, he has also played 27 games for England in international football.

Bellingham has become the latest wonder-kid in world football for multiple reasons — firstly because of his age (everyone loves an up-and-coming talent), his swagger on the field with his goal celebrations, and of course the fact he’s English.

Through 20 games at Real Madrid, he has scored 14 goals, more than he did at Dortmund and he played there for over 90 appearances. His form this season has been otherworldly.

With the Euros coming up soon in 2024, England will be hoping he can help ‘bring it home’ for the first ever, with the country going title-less since the competition inception in 1960.

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