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All the details on the release of Devin Booker’s dazzling first signature shoe


Devin Booker signature shoe, Nike Book 1

The Phoenix Suns’ top guard is forging a legacy in the NBA and the latest news helps cement it.

There’s a maiden Devin Booker signature shoe on the way, complete with a swoosh; the Nike Book 1 is expected to be released in 2024 after speculation through a large chunk of 2023.

The Devin Booker signature shoe confirmation follows Ja Morant and Jayson Tatum ‘making it’ with their own shoe lines, which happened back in February.

The Phoenix star is hoping his Nike Book 1 release becomes a ‘future classic’, due to its simplicity and versatility. We’ll see him rocking them this NBA season.

So let’s dive into the details of the very first Devin Booker signature shoe to his shelves.

Devin Booker signature shoe
Devin Booker signature shoe | The Suns guard is set to launch the Nike D Book 1 in 2024

Devin Booker signature shoe: What’s the Nike Book 1 look like?

Thisthe Devin Booker NBA shoes database – might provide some background into what Booker and his team at Nike were looking for.

The Nike D Book 1 design draws inspiration from Nike’s classic Air Force 1, plus one of his restored iconic cars — a ‘72 Chevy Blazer K5 nicknamed “Uncle Larry.”

He’s always gone for brighter colours and it’s probably safe to say that the Nike D Book 1 will stand out on the court; the snake skin detail and bright orange is a desert-inspired look, paying homage to Phoenix’s iconic natural landscape.

The finer details of the maiden Devin Booker signature shoe release include his family crest on the inside of the tongue, his birth year on the back tag,

“We started with the concept of having a future classic, something that can live 20, 25 years from now,” he said in a release video (watch above).

“I didn’t want to call it a basketball shoe, I didn’t want to call it a lifestyle shoe, I wanted it to be able to live in all worlds.”

Nike D Book 1 image
The Nike D Book 1, Devin Booker’s first signature shoe.

When will the Devin Booker signature shoe be released?

Sneaker Files speculated that ‘the Nike D Book 1, the first colourway, will launch in Spring (US) 2024.’ So around March-April next year, essentially.

There’s a lot – NBA-wise – to play out before then; his Phoenix Suns will enter season 2023-24 as one of the leading contenders in the West. With the Denver Nuggets the defending champions, Booker, Kevin Durant and now Bradley Beal will spearhead Phoenix’s push to catch Nikola Jokic’s side. The Suns couldn’t get past the Nuggets in last season’s Playoffs, losing their Conference Semi-Finals matchup 4-2. Two games was, in fact, the most games an opponent took off Denver in any of the team’s four post-season series mid-year.

So there will be a lot of intrigue around Devin Booker’s side, with Beal effectively replacing vetern Chris Paul.

Devin Booker signature shoe

How to buy a pair of Nike D Book 1s

While there’s no official confirmation yet, around $150 USD (approx. $235 AUD) is a reasonably safe expectation.

Like most signature releases, the Devin Booker signature shoes will be available at select retailers and at Nike direct.

D Book 1 black image

Devin Booker’s partnership with Nike

Devin Booker was drafted with the 13th overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft and his partnership with Nike began that same year.

It’s been a steady rise for Booker, one of the most popular emerging superstars in the league. Having a signature shoe will help elevate his profile closer to the likes of Lebron James, Steph Curry and Durant.

His history of repping other superstars’ iconic shoes on the NBA court now comes to an end, but it certainly didn’t hurt his reputation and star power, as he has grown into one of the league’s best guards. One of Booker’s most familiar looks is rocking a pair of Kobe 4s.

As he looks to drop more shoes in the future, expect the looks to remain eye-poppingly vivid.

Devin Booker signature shoe
One of Devin Booker’s most iconic shoe looks; the Be Legendary Kobe 4s

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