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Crocs have come up with a pair of kicks we can all dunk in


crocs nba echo slide

The world got dunkable crocs before Vegas got its own NBA team. Those are just the facts.

The once-corny and ‘ugliest shoe on the planet’ brand, Crocs, has propelled itself into prominence the last couple of years — whether ironically or not.

They’re ‘cool’ these days, we think. They’re heaps comfortable, sure, but pretty much all trend-setters have a pair… whether they are complimented with matching socks or not.

The world is an interesting place in 2024, to be sure. But things just got even a little more intriguing, with the addition of crocs you can literally dunk in… or dunk on — one of the two.


Crocs with a Basketball Hoop🏀

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You’ve probably seen NBA-branded crocs before; the distinct gold and purple of an LA Lakers-branded pair, or the crimson red look that cross-city rivals the Clippers offer.

But now there’s a set of the iconic footwear inspired by the widely recognised look of your classic browny-orange basketball. And its functionality goes beyond what a standard pair of slides, or shoes, offer; it’s a game within a game.

This pair, called the NBA Echo Slide, features an attachable accessory – called a ‘jibbitz’ or charm – that’s quite literally a hoop. Then on the other side, there’s a small, detachable ball. We’ll let you figure out the rest.

Crocs release the NBA Echo Slide because why the hell not

crocs, nba echo slide

This is not your standard look from the footwear company. It’s missing the classic ‘Sport Mode’ action strap, whatever you call it. But that’s what makes it a slide — a step away from tradition.

Most of the other identifiable features of what makes it a Croc, though, remain intact.

Are they available yet?

Yes they are. Follow that link and find out for sure whether a set can be posted to your address. At the time of publish, the shoe doesn’t yet feature on Crocs’ Australian website. But that could change any day now.

One shoe reviewer labeled the brand’s Echo Slide design ‘like a tyre cushion’ and there’s no question it’s built for comfort, when you factor in the massage plate under foot and incredibly unique soul.


How much do they cost?

US$69.99 at this stage — so factor in a bit more if you’re based in Australia.

Despite the fact that we think this is a pretty special release, the pricing looks pretty standard, comparing to other simpler styles and pairs that the brand retails.

Official product description

The Echo Collection is for those who want comfort without compromising their look. This fully moulded slide is anything but conformist, with bold sculpting and sport inspiration that keeps streetwear at its core. Plus, this exclusive NBA style puts for love of basketball on full display. With Croslite™ construction and a LiteRide™ drop-in footbed, you can stay comfortable while hitting the street in the Echo collection.

NBA Echo Slide Details:

  • Incredibly light and easy to wear
  • Fully molded Croslite™ upper and foundation
  • Water-friendly and buoyant; weighs only ounces
  • Ventilation ports add breathability and help shed water
  • Easy to clean and quick to dry
  • Customizable with Jibbitz™ charms
  • Dual density support with Croslite™ sole and LiteRide™ Footbed

Worth investing in?

Whether you’re a fan of Crocs’ wacky aesthetic, the comfort simply cannot be questioned. The foam design makes the shoe an absolute delight to wear, whether it’s around the house or down to the shops.

Now, there’s always someone, of course, that takes everything too far. But we’re not here to lecture anyone on where and when they choose to Croc up.

But for those that have resisted any temptation up to this point, we have this advice: get over it and get on board.

Phil Prior
Phil Prior
Phil is the editorial lead at Only Sports, bringing more than 12 years of wide-ranging sports media experience to the team. But it’s his unrivalled passion that sets him apart. He also commentates AFL on SEN Radio, plus Rugby on Stan Sport. Find Phil on LinkedIn.

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