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Our basketball sneaker expert lists his top five drops of 2023


best basketball sneakers

There are over 25 signature shoes in the NBA — but what are the best basketball sneakers currently on the market?

Excitement levels hit an all-time high when the new season begins for multiple reasons, and one of those is to see the latest releases in the sneaker game be worn on the best players in the league.

The Greek freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo, is back with a fifth iteration of his signature shoes, LeBron James has his 21st sneaker out, and even Steph Curry has reach double digits in that field.

But are their latest releases the best basketball sneakers available?

I’ve put together a short list of five of the best basketball sneakers currently on the market — in my opinion, based predominantly on design and performance.

Trae Young 3, best basketball sneakers
Trae Young dropped a banger | Best basketball sneakers 2023

From the return of familiar faces to the emergence of new signature shoes, here are our top five best basketball sneakers of 2023.

Best basketball sneakers heading into 2023/24 NBA season

Jordan Tatum 1

jordan tatum 1, best basketball sneakers
The Jordan Tatum 1

As another season rolls around, Jayson Tatum is again a leading contender for league MVP. But what’s different this time is the fact he has his own signature shoe to help him achieve greatness.

Debuting at the 2023 All Star game, the Jordan Tatum 1s have gained massive popularity with a plethora of colourways available – even in Australia.

Created with longevity in mind, the Tatum 1 is one of the lightest performance basketball shoes in the game, with stress-tested foam midsoles and the Nike Zoom Air unit for explosive leaping.

Trae Young 3

trae young 3, best basketball sneakers
The Trae Young 3

One of the best basketball sneakers heading into the 2023-24 season is the third iteration of Trae Young’s signature shoes.

Said to be celebrating his unique look, expressiveness and futuristic style, this new silhouette is built for optimised motion and stability.

On top of all of this, the outer sole and its 3D look makes it one of the best looking shoes this season, and will definitely be a big seller.

Jordan “Why Not?” Zer0.6

jordan "why not" zer0.6, best basketball sneakers
The Jordan “Why Not?” Zer0.6

One of the best basketball sneakers in the game right now, especially design-wise, is the Jordan “Why Not?” Zer0.6s — Russell Westbrook’s signature shoe.

Although this shoe was worn for a majority of the 2022-23 season, there’s no way we could leave it off this list with no next edition in sight.

As it is Westbrook’s shoe, you can bet it’s all about speed. Foot security comes from its interior body, but the outer layer – highlighted by the zip feature – adds the fashionable look and spells out his signature question – “why not?”.

KD 16

the kd 16, best basketball sneakers
The KD 16

There’s been many best basketball sneakers lists that have included Kevin Durant shoes in the past and it’s no different this time with ours.

Returning for his 16th signature sneaker, the KD 16 leans towards a low-cut finish with great stability, plus it’s lighter than its previous iterations.

Each colourway looks as interesting as the last, with an unnecessary yet unique glow-in-the-dark streak around the shoe.

Jordan Zion 3

Jordan Zion 3, best basketball sneakers
The Jordan Zion 3

Could this third iteration of Zion Williamson’s signature shoe be the one that shows the world how incredible he is?

Due to his strength game and explosiveness around the hoop, the Zion 3 is all about cushioning on impact, making it an incredibly comfortable shoe.

The eye-catching mud splatter on each colourway represents Zion’s emotional journey of making “out of the mud” (his hometown of Marion, South Carolina).

Did our expert get it right? Or you liked something else? Leave us a comment!

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