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Asics adds a slick Indigenous touch to Australia’s Olympic kit designs


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Australia has decided to incorporate its incredible history into their 2024 Paris Olympics kit, with Indigenous designs across the board being the most eye-catching look on their pursuit for gold.

When Australia enters Paris for the upcoming Olympics, fans will not only see them in the famous green and gold colours synonymous with the sporting nation’s great success at the Games in the past, but they will also notice classy Indigenous artwork designs that have been woven into the kit.

It’s being reported that every Aussie athlete, between 460 to 480 of them, will have these unique designs somewhere on their outfits; whether there’s a focus on the clothing, or lining the sides of the kit.

With images now released, there’s no question the indigenous design integration adds an extra level of brilliance — reminding everyone that the Games are sometimes about style as well.

The men behind these designs are former Olympic boxer Paul Fleming who is a proud Wakka Wakka, Wanyurr Majay, Yuggera man and Torres Strait Islander artist David Bosun. It’s an incredible accomplishment to have incorporated Indigenous designs into an Olympic kit, as this is the first time it’s ever happened outside of Australia’s training shirt for Tokyo.

“Another one for the history books,” Fleming said via his Instagram post on the unveiling of the kit for Paris.

“Proud to see how far we have come (in terms of closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people) in my lifetime so far.”

Everything you need to know about Australia’s Olympics Indigenous designs

What are the designs for Paris?

Australia has unveiled its full array of outfits for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, with the welcomed surprise of many Indigenous artworks incorporated into most items of clothing.

Designed by Paul Fleming and David Bosun, the designs feature different elements of Indigenous culture that is interrupted by both Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders.

The rugby jerseys have the most pronounced Indigenous design with the artwork sprawled across the shoulders up to the collar. Rugby sevens player Maurice Longbottom says he’s excited to wear his culture on an Australia outfit overseas at the Olympics.

“I’m super excited…to wear this and represent my culture and my heritage on the world stage,” Longbottom said at the kit’s unveiling.

“It fills me with enormous pride to represent my country on the world stage, wearing a uniform which incorporates Indigenous design to showcase our rich cultural heritage, uniting us as one.”

The other designs that are more noticeable than others is the ‘delegation uniforms’, which has a massive Indigenous artwork in the centre of the jacket with smaller details around it.

Track and field athletes will have mainly gold coloured tops with Indigenous artworks down the side panel. While the swimmers – Australia’s most dominant participants usual – have a large designs in the centre of the kit for the female swimmers, and even on the speedos for the men.

australia olympics kit, 2024, paris

What do the designs mean?

According to The Guardian, Fleming’s design called ‘Walking Together’ is a nod to the way the Olympics unite people from all countries, backgrounds and cultures.

While Bosun’s artworks feature elements of traditional and modern ways of life in the Torres Strait Islands, with the lines on the design converging on the ‘Dhari’, an important cultural item, seen in the flag of the islands.

“The centre piece represents a meeting place because the Olympics brings together people of all colours, religions and backgrounds from all over the world who are all competing for the same goal,” Fleming said.

“Everyone essentially becomes one. We’re al athletes and it doesn’t matter where you come from.”

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David Bosun’s artworks came from a different approach, with Bosun focusing more on capturing the main elements of traditional and modern ways of life for Torres Strait Islanders.

“The winds in this artwork flow diagonally through the Dhari, our traditional head dress, in the middle,” Bosun said at the kit’s launch.

“The islands sit within the horizon line and the currents move from top to bottom, bottom to top.

“All the lines converge in the centre, through the Dhari. The Dhari is a key ceremonial piece for us. It is worn during ritual celebrations, specifically in dance ceremonies. It is a powerful and important cultural item.”

Can you purchase these designs?

Most of the Australian Olympic kits will be available for purchasing through the Asics online store, with pre-sales already on the website.

The rugby jerseys, team polos, basketball singlets are all on the store with more hopefully to be released closer to the Olympics.

According to Asics’ online store, it’s estimated the items will arrive fro purchasing on May 7, and for those especially keen to don some of the Australia kit, you can be notified of its release as well on the website.

australia olympics kit

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