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The WNBA's youngest player is a rising star Aussie that's not even old enough to drink

2022 co-host of The Only Sports Show, Jo Healy, is in the United States right now. She caught up with...

Ever wonder about the origins of State of Origin? Well here's how the great series kicked off

With millions tuning into the State of Origin across June, many will wonder about the origins of Origin.

The AFL's Mid-Season Draft: Eligibility, how it works and its main success stories

Everything there is to know about the fairly new AFL Mid-Season Draft.

The lowdown on young gun Jordy Bos, who's move to Europe is a record-breaking transfer deal

Like a Bos. There's no telling what the ceiling is for Melbourne young gun Jordan Bos, who's broken transfer...

Who is the new 'Mr Irrelevant' and why is there more significance than ever before?

Mr Irrelevant for 2023 has been determined and it carries a bit of extra weight this year.

The curious case of the hip drop: All eyes on NRL, as its journey towards a solution deviates

Let's unpack how the hip drop tackle issue has unraveled in the NRL and assess where it needs to go from...

It's far more than freakish size. Here's why Victor Wembanyama's a LeBron-level NBA prospect

The NBA community is counting down the days until we find out where Victor Wembanyama will end up. But...

Wildcard Weekend in Australia's codes is a must. And here's what dismissive fans need to know

Most fans quickly dismiss a Wildcard Weekend concept in the AFL and NRL. But there's one minor tweak...

Why are ACL injuries so common in women's football and what can be done about it?

ACL injuries will have serious impacts on the Women's World Cup at it's time we all learnt more about...

Second time's the charm: The best dual athletes in Australian sport right now

Gretal Bueta is celebrating a milestone in Super Netball, undoubtedly satisfied with her decision to...

There's been a big development to the Lamar Jackson saga and 7+ teams should inquire

The Baltimore Ravens and one of the NFL's best quarterbacks are truly at the crossroads now and it's...

What are some of the best athlete comebacks we've ever seen? Here's our top 10

Athlete comebacks get fans as invested as anything in sport. So here are the best of the best.

More than 50 names now sit in our updated 2023 NRL breakout guide; sleepers & emerging stars

The search for the 'next big thing' is never-ending in sport, making now the perfect time to assess some...

There's been plenty of chat about it. But what actually is 'bazball' and should we care?

It's one of the most common terms being thrown around in world cricket but just what is 'Bazball'?!?!

Our experts put together a top 23 players in the NRL ahead of the 2023 season. See it here

The 2023 season is finally here, so we've ranked the best 23 players in the NRL.