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The 10 fastest International T20 centuries of all time


t20 international centuries, t20i tons

There have been some beautiful innings, but none better than these T20 international centuries… many of which occurred in barely a handful of overs.

Twenty20 cricket is everything old heads think the young mind desires; short & sweet. As opposed to the five days it takes Test cricket, the sport’s traditional format, to reach a result, T20 cricket is over in a matter of hours.

When time is short, it can’t be wasted. There is no time to settle into a T20 innings. Runs are needed, and they’re needed now, not in a few overs. It’s why player averages dip significantly in T20 cricket, where the best currency is the speed of runs, rather than volume.

And it’s also why some of cricket’s fastest centuries ever have been scored in T20 Internationals. Players simply do not have the luxury of waiting for the bad balls, they must strike at all of them, and strike well.

For a fairer list, we’ve broken down the 10 fastest T20 International centuries by the number of balls faced. For example, three players have hit a T20 International century in 35 balls. Rather than list them as three separate entries, we feel it’s fairer to list them as one entry.

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The fastest T20 international centuries ever

10. 45 balls

Richard Levi, South Africa v New Zealand, 19 February 2012

Suryakumar Yadav, India v Sri Lanka, 7 January 2023

13 sixes! 13 sixes! That’s how many Richard Levi hit on his way to a 45-ball ton as his side downed New Zealand by 8 wickets.

Similarly, Suryakumar Yadav was instrumental in his side’s victory over Sri Lanka, though he hit a relatively paltry nine sixes in his innings, to go with seven fours.

9. 44 balls

Aritra Dutta, Singapore v Japan, 11 February 2024

Japan would’ve felt a score of 215 would get them over the line. In stepped Aritra Dutta, Singapore’s opening batsman who clocked his ton after 44 balls and, before going on to score 122.

8. 43 balls

Jean-Pierre Kotze, Namibia v Botswana, 20 August 2019

Quinton De Kock, South Africa v West Indies, 26 March 2023

The damage was already done by the time Jean-Pierre Kotze walked out to bat against Botswana. His side already had 120 runs on the board. This didn’t stop him swiftly causing more damage.

Another man familiar with the quick destruction of opposition is Quinton De Kock, one of the finest strikers of the ball in modern cricket.

Quinton De Kock produces one of the fastest T20i tons of all time.

7. 42 balls

Hazratullah Zazai, Afghanistan v Ireland, 23 February 2019

Liam Livingstone, England v Pakistan, 17 July 2021

Afghanistan batsman, Hazratullah Zazai, found or cleared the boundary rope a monstrous 27 times in his 42-ball ton, which led to his side’s 84-run victory. On the contrary, Liam Livingstone’s innings couldn’t get England over the line against Pakistan, though the fact he was able to do so against Shaheen Shah Afridi and Haris Rauf, makes it incredibly impressive.

T20 international centuries
Aussie star David Warner has hit some fine T20i knocks but none are quick enough to make our list

6. 41 balls

George Munsey, Scotland v Netherlands, 16 September 2019

Shaheryar Butt, Belgium v Czech Republic, 29 August 2020

George Munsey’s 41-ball T20 century was exceptional. He finished on 127 of 56, sending exactly 25% of the balls he faced for six, a remarkable feat of power hitting if we’ve ever seen one.

For Belgium’s, Shaheryar Butt, a top-order collapse meant the middle-order batsman was essentially opening the batsman. He took his opportunity and ran with it, smacking one of the fastest centuries in T20 internationals.

5. 40 balls

Kendel Kadowaki-Fleming, Japan v South Korea, 15 October 2022

Ollie Hairs, Scotland v Italy, 24 July 2023

Japanese captain, Kendel Kadowaki-Fleming played in the innings of a lifetime for his 40-ball T20 international century, hitting 10 fours and 10 sixes. Scotland’s Ollie Hairs smashed 14 fours and eight sixes in his innings, that he ended unfinished on 127.

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4. 39 balls

Sivakumar Periyalwar, Romania v Turkey, 29 August 2019

Zeeshan Kukikhel, Hungary v Austria, 5 June 2022

Johnson Charles, West Indies v South Africa, 26 March 2023

West Indian batsman Johnson Charles hit his 39-ball T20 international century in the same game South African keeper-batsman, Quinten De Kock, hit one in 43 balls! What are the chances of that?

Sivakumar Periyalwar’s innings was pivotal in Romania downing Turkey by 173 runs, while Zeeshan Kukikhel’s innings ended one run short of 150 as Hungary beat Austria by four wickets.

3. 35 balls

David Miller, South Africa v Bangladesh, 29 October 2017

Rohit Sharma, India v Sri Lanka, 22 December 2017

Sudesh Wickramasekara, Czech Republic v Turkey, 30 August 2019

Batting at five in South Africa’s mammoth 83-run victory over Bangladesh, David Miller struck the ball without consideration for his opponents, hitting 18 boundaries in a remarkable innings.

Two months later, India’s Rohit Sharma hit 22 boundaries on his way to a 35-ball T20 ton which included an opening partnership of 165 runs with KL Rahul, who ended on 89 off 49, 29 runs less than Sharma’s final score of 118 despite Rahul facing six more balls.

Rohit Sharma produces one of the fastest T20i tons of all time.

Sudesh Wickramasekara, who also batted fifth for the Czech Republic in the innings he scored a 35-ball T20 century, smacked 18 boundaries as his nation registered a total of 278, enough for a 257-run victory.

2. 34 balls

Kushal Malla, Nepal v Mongolia, 27 September 2023

Nepal’s Kushel Malla was instrumental in his side’s victory over Mongolia, registering the second-fastest T20 international century at 34 balls, finding or clearing the boundary rope 20 times, not bad for an innings that ended up last 50 balls.

1. 33 balls

Jan Nicol Loftie-Eaton, Namibia v Nepal, 27 February 2024

Namibian batsman, Jan Nicol Loftie-Eaton, broke the record for the fastest T20 international century with this mammoth knock against Nepal. Batting at number five, Loftie-Eaton’s innings contained 11 fours and eight sixes. To cap it off, he took 2/29 as Namibia won by 20 runs.

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