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The quick backstory of DeadlyScience, Dan’s newest F1 feature


Daniel Ricciardo DeadlyScience

A logo designed at the pub now has prominent real estate on Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren. It’s DeadlyScience, an Indigenous not-for-profit. The global exposure could be huge.

From the pub to the F1 car of Daniel Ricciardo – this is the incredible story of how an Indigenous not-for-profit charity has been provided with the chance of a lifetime.

DeadlyScience – an Indigenous not-for-profit charity that provides science books and early reading material to remote Australian Indigenous communities – will have their logo featured on the side of both the McLaren MCL36 cars. It’ll also be shown on the driver’s halo.

In an incredible gesture, especially considering companies pay millions of dollars for space on F1 livery, Smartsheet, a sponsor of McLaren, is donating its space on the cars to a not-for-profit organisation.

The DeadlyScience organisation was founded by Gamilaraay man Corey Tutt with the aim to improve access to science resources for schools in remote Australian communities.

“I was in a pub when I drew the logo on a napkin and now it will become a world-renowned logo,” Tutt told the ABC.

“It’s just a phenomenal gesture and I’m speechless,”

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Tutt, who grew up in the Illawarra and was the 2020 NSW Young Australian of the Year, said the DeadlyScience logo represents young Indigenous people and he was excited for the opportunity that was presented by McLaren.

“The best thing about it is this logo represents much more than me, it represents the young people and communities we work with, and the fact it’s going to be on an F1 car is really exciting for all mobs and all Australians,” he said.


“To see that (our logo) on a car going worldwide, what it must do for the young people we support, words can’t describe how I feel about it.”

Ricciardo said the advertising space was being used by McLaren ‘to tell the world about work that matters’.

“McLaren racing and the team at Smartsheet believe that given the opportunity, every kid can thrive,” Ricciardo said. 

“I can’t wait for the fans to see this, it’s going to be awesome.”

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