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Our resident jersey connoisseur puts together a Women’s World Cup kits top five


Top 5 Women's World Cup kits

Let’s settle it right here – what are the best Women’s World Cup kits for 2023?

It’s a debate that comes up every time there’s a World Cup on, a conversation that moves further away from settlement the longer it goes, and with the first ever FIFA World Cup down under upon us, fans are having their say on the matter.

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Last year, we attempted to put an end to the debate with our list of the best FIFA Men’s World Cup kits going around. However, debate continued to rage on from the fans throughout the 29 days of the tournament.

With 32 days of the Women’s World Cup ahead of us, there will be no shortage of competition. Not only do the competing nations battle it out for glory on the pitch, but some will be interested to hold the title of best dressed with the ultimate Women’s World Cup kits.

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As always, each country has released two kit designs that they will wear across the tournament; a home and away kit.

So with 64 jerseys in rotation this year, here are our picks for the best Women’s World Cup kits at the 2023 Australia & New Zealand tournament.

Best Women’s World Cup kits

5. Netherlands (Home kit)

Best Women's World Cup kits, Netherlands home
The Netherlands home kit comes in at five.

To kick off our best Women’s World Cup kits, there’s nothing more classic than the bright orange of the Dutch kit.

Sticking to their famous legacy of donning the colour which originally was the symbol of the royal family but has changed over time be synonymous with the Netherlands football team.

The jersey breaks up the straight orange look with slight colour differences in the form of stripes and wave patterns – a masterful touch.

4. Brazil (Away kit)

Best Women's World Cup kits, Brazil away
The eye-popping Brazil away kit just works.

Very similar to their ‘brothers’, the Brazilian women’s team has kept the away kit theme of a primary navy blue design with eye-popping touches of green just on the sleeves.

Instead of the jaguar prints that were worn in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the women’s jersey has tropical foliage patterns across the shoulder and sleeves, still keeping their ties to Amazon rainforest.

There’s absolutely no way this shouldn’t be on everyones best Women’s World Cup kits list this year.

The best of the Men’s WC kits

3. Spain (Away kit)

Best Women's World Cup kits, Spain away
You’ve got our vote, Spain away.

What a design to start our top three Women’s World Cup kits and it’s made even more incredible with the meaning behind it.

Spain’s away kit represents the coral reefs of both southern Europe and Australasia, bringing a colourful call to preserve the world’s oceans.

It’s not common for nations to incorporate a powerful message with their country’s colours but Spain have done an amazing job with this one.

2. New Zealand (Home kit)

Best Women's World Cup kits, New Zealand home
New Zealand’s iconic sporting palette continues to impress.

A home tournament and a top two finish in Only Sports best Women’s World Cup kits! The Kiwis are doing a lot right.

Unlike their national rugby team’s head-scratching design for their World Cup in September, the women’s football team has incorporated the country famous emblem, the silver fern, perfectly with their kit.

Designed by Nike, New Zealand’s home kit that is predominately black with silver graphic paint of the fern all over creating somewhat of a spray paint effect.

1. Japan (Away kit)

Best Women's World Cup kits, Japan away
Japan is just straight up elite at designing away kits.

Coming in at number one in our best Women’s World Cup kits countdown for 2023 is this incredible eye-catching pink design by Japan.

Explained as ‘a symbol of hope’, it takes inspiration from multiple parts of Japan from the beautiful sunsets over Mount Fuji to a staple of Japanese nature, the cherry blossom.

Fading from a lilac to a pale pink on the shirt then to lilac shorts and socks is a match made in heaven and Adidas’s design department deserve a huge wrap for this kit.

Rumours are that this jersey has driven that much anticipation that the men’s team may wear it for a one off match.

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