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Seen all 30? Your best sports documentaries checklist


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We’ve all heard of and seen some ESPN’s 30 for 30s, but here’s ANOTHER 30 of the best sports documentaries you need to be across.

True sports fans have seen most, if not all, of these.

They’re some of the greatest stories behind the stories.

Narratives are what draw us into sporting events. But sometimes it works better going back the other way; finding out crazy and bizarre event details after the fact. That’s kind of the magic of sports documentaries.

Our Expert Guide to the Best Sports Documentaries of All Time

Let’s dive in.

Here are 30 must-see sports documentaries to tick off or throw onto the to-do list.

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Untold: The Race of the Century (2022) | Netflix

OFFICIAL BIO | The Australia II yacht crew looks back on the motivation, dedication and innovation that led to their historic victory at the 1983 America’s Cup.

The Test Season Two (2023) | Prime Video

OFFICIAL BIO | A second season of Amazon Prime documentary ‘The Test’ will return viewers to the inner sanctum as Pat Cummins takes over the Australian side

After the success of Amazon Prime’s documentary The Test, it’s back for a second season.

It’s been a dramatic year in Australia’s cricket camp and this documentary will take fans closer than ever before. It’s released on January 13, 2023.

More Than a Game (2008) | Netflix

OFFICIAL BIO | Filmmaker Kristopher Belman chronicles the early career of basketball superstar LeBron James.

FREEMAN (2020) | ABC iView

OFFICIAL BIO | The story of a nation coming together around Indigenous athlete Cathy Freeman who delivered when it mattered on the greatest stage on earth.

The Last Dance (2020) | Netflix

OFFICIAL BIO | This docuseries chronicles the rise of superstar Michael Jordan and the 1990s Chicago Bulls, with unaired footage from an unforgettable 1997-98 season.

Shaq (2022) | BINGE

OFFICIAL BIO | Featuring a series of revealing interviews with O’Neal, Shaq tells the story of a basketball legend unlike any other, whose larger-than-life personality transcended the sport and transformed him into a cultural icon.

SHADOW BOXERS (1999) | AppleTV 

OFFICIAL BIO | A riveting behind-the-scenes look at the emerging sport of women’s boxing focusing on the inspirational rise of undefeated boxing sensation Lucia Rijker.

Fearless: The Inside Story of the AFLW | Disney+

OFFICIAL BIO | Fearless: The Inside Story of the AFLW is a raw journey into the dreams of the AFLW league. Discover the courageous pioneers who made it to the highest level of AU Rules football.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019 – ) | Netflix

OFFICIAL BIO | Driver Daniel Ricciardo looks to make a statement on the track while the teams prepare for the first race of the season at the Australian Grand Prix.

Welcome to Wrexham Documentary (2022) | Disney+

OFFICIAL BIO | Rob McElhenney & Ryan Reynolds navigate running the 3rd oldest football club in the world. Welcome to Wrexham follows the Red Dragons as they are bought by two Hollywood stars.

Last Chance U (2016-2020) | Netflix

OFFICIAL BIO | Elite athletes with difficult pasts turn to junior college football for a last shot at turning their lives around and achieving their dreams.

Free Solo (2018) | Disney+

OFFICIAL BIO | Professional rock climber Alex Honnold attempts to conquer the first free solo climb of famed El Capitan’s 900-metre vertical rock face at Yosemite National Park.

Girls Can’t Surf | Stan

OFFICIAL BIO | GIRLS CAN’T SURF follows the journey of a band of renegade surfers who took on the male-dominated professional surfing world to achieve equality and change the sport forever.

Rising Phoenix (2020) | Netflix

OFFICIAL BIO | The history and current standing of the Paralympic Games, which has grown to become the world’s third largest sporting event.

Lionel Messi: The Greatest (2020) | Prime Video

OFFICIAL BIO | Follow the journey of the Argentine prodigy and witness how he became the greatest player in the world.

Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers (2022) | Disney+

OFFICIAL BIO | Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers captures the remarkable rise and unprecedented success of one of the most dominant and iconic franchises in professional sports.


The Redeem Team (2022) | Netflix

OFFICIAL BIO | After their shocking performance at the 2004 Olympics, the US men’s basketball team seeks redemption as they pursue Gold at the 2008 Beijing Games.

14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible (2021) | Netflix

OFFICIAL BIO | Fearless Nepali mountaineer Nimsdai Purja embarks on a seemingly impossible quest to summit all 14 of the world’s 8,000-meter peaks in seven months.

Fearless (2016) | Netflix

OFFICIAL BIO | The Inside Story of the AFLW is a raw journey into the dreams of the AFLW league. Discover the courageous pioneers who made it to the highest level of Australian Rules football.

Hoop Dreams (1994) | Stan

OFFICIAL BIO | Two ordinary inner-city kids dare to dream the impossible – professional basketball glory – in this epic chronicle of hope and faith.

The Art of FLIGHT (2011) | AppleTV

OFFICIAL BIO | Curt Morgan and Travis Rice create the world’s most progressive snowboard film by combining cutting-edge cinematography, stunning locales and the best freestyle snowboarding ever captured.


OFFICIAL BIO | In mid-70s America, skateboarding was a fad in danger of dying out, until a small group of surfers in Santa Monica began moving to extremes in both lifestyle and techniques, using their skills in empty swimming pools and the streets to create a new form of skateboarding.

Icarus (2017) | Netflix

OFFICIAL BIO | When filmmaker Bryan Fogel sets out to uncover the truth about doping in sports, a chance meeting with a Russian scientist transforms his story from a personal experiment into a geopolitical thriller. Dirty urine, unexplained death and Olympic gold are all part of the exposure of the biggest scandal in sports history.

Senna (2010) | AppleTV / Stan

OFFICIAL BIO | Ayrton Senna becomes a three-time Formula One racing champion and Brazil’s national hero before his untimely death at age 34.

100 Foot Wave (2021) | BINGE

OFFICIAL BIO | Garrett McNamara journeyed to Nazare, Portugal with one goal in mind: to conquer a 100-foot wave. His effort drove the sport of surfing to new heights and helped transform a tiny fishing village into the world’s preeminent big-wave surfing destination. From HBO Sports comes this breathtaking six-part documentary series that chronicles McNamara’s quest.

Conor McGregor: Notorious (2017) | BINGE

OFFICIAL BIO | Filmed over four years, follow the rise of a Mixed Martial Arts fighter from claiming welfare benefits and living in his parents’ spare room in Dublin to winning multiple championship UFC belts and earning seven figures in Las Vegas.

Neymar: The Perfect Chaos (2022) | Netflix

OFFICIAL BIO | Beloved worldwide but also a lightening rod for criticism, Brazilian footballer Neymar da Silva Santos shares the highs and lows of his chaotic personal life and successful football career.

Muhammad Ali | Round One: The Greatest (1942-1964) | SBS

OFFICIAL BIO | Boxer Cassius Clay rises from the amateur ranks to win gold at the 1960 Olympics, and becomes a contender for the heavyweight championship title.


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The Endless Summer (1965) | AppleTV

OFFICIAL BIO | Bruce Brown’s sixth film, The Endless Summer, is the archetypal tale of two California surfers, blond Mike Hynson and dark Robert August, hitting the road to follow summer and surf around the world.

And as mentioned above, some great stories have been told through ESPN’s longstanding series 30 for 30.

30 for 30 (2009– ) | Foxtel

OFFICIAL BIO | 30 for 30 is the title for a series of documentary films airing on ESPN, its sister networks, and online highlighting interesting people and events in …

Did we miss anything on our list of the best sports documentaries of all time? Head on over to our socials and let us know!

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