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We’ve handpicked the five EPL clubs with the nicest away kits for 2023-24


Premier League away kits, 2023-24

Away kits in the Premier League is its own phenomenon; teams can veer ‘away’ from traditional colours, push the boundaries and add new shades to the club’s palette.

Over the years, we’ve seen some truly whacky and wonderful designs; Liverpool’s all white, Gandalf-esque number from the later 1990s, Newcastle’s purple and navy combo from the same era, and Arsenal’s infamous bruised banana.

So it’s time we handpick our favourite away kits for the 2023-24 season, because we’ve already pointed out the best five home kits of 2023-24.

In recent years, the mystique and excitement around away kits has departed, as clubs and manufacturers utilise a more cost-effective cookie cutter approach. But some attempts this season indicate that trend is starting to turn yet again.

And there are nearly always almost as many misses as there are hits, but that’s what makes the process such an engaging aspect of each EPL season.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the best five away kits for 2023-24 in the Premier League, counting down from number five.

Premier League, best away kits, Liverpool, Arsenal
Two of the most classic Premier League away kits: Liverpool (left) and Arsenal (right) from the 90’s

Best Premier League away kits: Top 5

5. Brighton (Nike)

It’s no different to everyone’s second favourite Premier League team’s home kit. Instead of blue and white thick vertical lines across the chest and a strong blue presence across the shoulders, Brighton’s away kit is green and black. It’s simple, but it works. As mentioned before, less can often be more… especially where kits are concerned.

Premier League, best away kits, brighton, 2023-24, adingra
Simon Adingra modelling Brighton’s away kit

4. Sheffield United (Errea)

My word this kit is bold… and it’s beautiful. Executed poorly and Sheffield United’s away kit for this coming season wouldn’t look out of place on a Sunday league pitch. But Errea have nailed the predominately rich, bright yellow number, which makes you feel like you’re staring at a sunflower petal through a telescope, rather than watching Paul Heckingbottom’s Blades’ side.

In my view, the red and black line detail on the collar and the sleeves perfectly complements the sea of yellow encompassing the rest of the kit.

Sheffield United Premier League away kit, Anel Ahmedhodzic
Sheffield United’s Anel Ahmedhodzic rocking the club’s crisp away kit

3. Manchester United (Adidas)

If it weren’t for personal preference, Manchester United’s bold and inventive green away kit would’ve ranked higher. Adidas have exceeded in perfectly blending the vintage vibe with contemporary features. You could see a young A-list celebrity rocking this kit effortlessly, but at the same time, it wouldn’t look out of place in grainy photos of a mid-1990s Champions League fixture.

premier league away kits, manchester united, Rasmus Højlund
Rasmus Højlund rocking Manchester United’s incredible away kit

2. Luton (Umbro)

Umbro took the Premier League newcomers’ home kit and flipped it. Instead of orange acting as the primary colour, as on the home kit, Luton’s away number sees orange take a backseat, forming the sash that runs from collar to waist over the left breast of the kit.

A crisp snow-white coats the rest of the kit as if it were an Arctic tundra. Add to this the brilliant black faux-collar and bold sleeve detailing and you have one of the most underrated kits in recent Premier League history.

Luton Town, premier league away kits, carlton morris
Luton Town striker Carlton Morris in the club’s 2023-24 away kit

1. Burnley (Umbro)

The promotion teams have come up big — all three in our top five for away kits.

Burnley are synonymous with claret. After all, it is their nickname. But Umbro have harnessed the fun Vincent Kompany has brought to the town with its vibrant yellow away kit. As expected, it’s dominant feature is the popping yellow wall which engulfs practically the whole kit, working in tandem with the claret colouring on the sleeves and emblem.

An underrated component of the kit is the black and claret cloud which runs from waist to collar on the left side of the jersey. It’s a lovely touch that accentuates the vibrant yellow club logo resting upon it.

Anass Zaroury, Burnley, Premier League away kits, 2023-24
Burnley’s Anass Zaroury | Premier League away kits, 2023-24
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