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‘At Home With The Furys’ looks like it’ll uncover the Gypsy King’s rocky retirement journey


Tyson Fury documentary, At Home With the Furys

We’ve seen the Gypsy King’s life inside the ring for over 15 years, but now it’s time to witness life behind closed doors, as a Tyson Fury documentary is headed our way.

Streaming service giant Netflix have announced that they are in the works on a multi-part documentary series, following global boxing superstar Tyson Fury called ‘At Home With The Furys’.

Set to be released this year, the two-time heavyweight champion of the world has granted Netflix unprecedented access to his private life; at home with his six children and the family dynamics of what is becoming a popular household worldwide. His brother Tommy fought Jake Paul back in February, adding to the global fame.

It’s no surprise though that a Tyson Fury documentary would be made, considering how interesting of a life he has lived. Battling numerous adversities, mainly mental health struggles; explaining his story openly and often, he has become a huge advocate for that space.

Expected to provide a fly-on-the-wall experience inside the Fury household, ‘At Home With The Furys’ is only going to gain more and more anticipation before it’s upcoming release.

So here’s everything you need to know about the Tyson Fury documentary, dropping in 2023.

Tyson Fury documentary
Tyson Fury documentary | Fury is the WBC heavyweight champion

When does the Tyson Fury documentary come out?

No offical date has been given by Netflix about the release of ‘At Home with The Furys’, but we do know it’ll be out in 2023.

This means that fans of Tyson Fury won’t have to wait too much longer and can probably expect an exact release date soon.

How to watch the Tyson Fury documentary

‘At Home With The Furys’ won’t be released until later in 2023 but streaming giant Netflix is the platform that you will find it on, with exclusive rights to the Tyson Fury documentary.

It will join a plethora of outstanding sports documentaries on the streaming service, including some other sports ones such as Conor McGregor’s new documentary ‘McGregor Forever‘, Quarterback (coming soon), and classics like Drive to Survive and Break Point.

Tyson Fury documentary
Tyson Fury documentary | Fury has hinted retirement numerous times. His last fight was a 10th round TKO win over Derek Chisora in December 2022.

What will be shown in the Tyson Fury documentary?

It’s not every day that you get access to behind the scenes footage of a two-time world champion boxer’s life. But you will when ‘At Home With The Furys’ drops on the Netflix with docu-series giving a fly-on-the-wall view of Tyson Fury’s world.

Fury is set to retire from his incredible boxing career; finishing with a record of 33-0-1 and crowned one of the greatest fighters of this generation. His retirement plan appears to be an on-going soap opera, with his partner hoping Fury calls it quits for good. But Tyson is still on top of the world; with that comes big egos, big money and big opportunities.

That’s why this docu-series could be a hell of a watch.

The series is expected to delve into the life of Tyson Fury when he isn’t in the ring; from how he spends time with his six children to what is his life like without boxing heavily in it.

According to Netflix’s synopsis, it states, “At Home With The Furys will have exclusive access to the heavyweight champion of the world, as he exits the ring and tries to embrace retirement with his extraordinary family including wife Paris, father John and his six children.”

“Alongside changing nappies and the school run, At Home With The Furys will see Tyson constantly looking for projects to keep him busy, from a world tour to meet his fans, to lavish family holidays, encounters with other A-listers and impromptu family camping trips.”

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