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The $7M ads that will grace this year’s Super Bowl coverage


super bowl ads 2024

We highlight the Super Bowl ads that stand out this year, whether it’s the star power or production brilliance.

In the illustrious glitter of Las Vegas, as football fans from across the nation converge for Super Bowl LVIII, there’s a hotly anticipated spectacle. And no, we don’t mean the match.

Media and marketing agencies play a much dirtier game, involving cash figures that really only a handful of the world’s best quarterbacks are accustomed to. It’s the high-stakes world of commercials, of course.

A showdown that all of sports fans, Swifties and casual observers can relate to; Super Bowl ads.

Inside the industry, it’s creativity pressured like it rarely ever is; ad space comes with a price tag of $7 million dollars US for a fleeting 30-seconds. The budgets are bigger and the ideas, quite simply, just have to be better.

It’s a game inside the game. And we’re all here for it.

2024 Super Bowl ads

With bigger budgets, of course come greater star power. That’s just how this works.

2024 is certainly no exception; some of the most recognisable faces on the planet step into the spotlight they’re so familiar with and strive for their own championship-worthy performance.


The highlights

Messi, Marino and Ted Lasso feature in ad for Michelob Ultra

Lionel Messi dribbles into American hearts in Michelob Ultra’s beachy portrayal.

Sir Anthony Hopkins, with Wrexham FC, features in ad for STOK Cold Brew Coffee

The football team powered by Hollywood’s star power, Wrexham FC, add a key player in the transfer window, Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Stone Cold Steve Austin earns cameo in Kawasaki ad

The Kawasaki Ridge is a ‘business in the front, party in the back product, so of course it dresses the commercial’s stars in flowing mullets. A trend that started down under is infiltrating one of the biggest stages.

Kate McKinnon, with a cameo from Pete Davidson, feature in a Hellman’s mayonnaise ad

Mayo Cat’s going viral, in what is one of the best commercials you’ll see this year. A well-executed idea to elevate a very simple product.

Tom Brady, Wayne Gretzky, and Vince Vaughn feature in betting ad

This ad tries a bit too hard, but it certainly has star power.

David Beckham and Posh Spice channel their highly successful docco in an Uber Eats ad

Most of us have seen the Netflix documentary and this one plays on that. It’s good.

You don’t make Friends with Uber Eats

The Uber Eats efforts don’t end with Becks, too. On top of a Netflix reference with Beckham, the food delivery company have a nostalgic nod to Friends, as Jennifer Aniston discovers an app that delivers more than just food.

Dan Merino features in M&M’s Almost Champions ad

M&M’s moment comes as a sweet compensation for sports legends, including Dan Merino, who sadly missed out on their crowning glory, in light of the Super Bowl.

Peyton Manning and Emmet Smith features in Bud Light ad

The NFL legend is back in front of the screen, after his efforts as a producer in Netflix series Quarterback.

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