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Surf Girls Hawaii shows exactly what a wild ride the path to elite-level surfing truly is


Surf Girls Hawaii documentary

For many, surfing is just a hobby. But for these five girls, it’s everything.

Coming to Amazon Prime this July is the release of the Surf Girls Hawaii documentary, which details a group of aspiring native Hawaiian surfers on their quest to the World Surf League.

Filmed along the beaches of the north shore of Oahu – home of the famous Pipeline – the four-part docu-series shows incredible footage of the girls training alongside each other, navigating family responsibilities and most importantly, competing against one another.

Expected to be an easy watch with plenty of amazing shots of the Hawaiian coastlines, the Surf Girls Hawaii documentary uncovers stories that are often not shown about the rise of particular surfers to the professional level.

Native Hawaiian surfers Moana Jones Wong, Pua DeSoto, Ewe Wong, Maluhia Kinimaka and Brianna Cope are the main five girls that the Surf Girls Hawaii documentary follows.

With the docu-series now available for streaming, here’s everything you need to know about the incredible Surf Girls Hawaii documentary.

Surf Girls Hawaii documentary

When is the Surf Girls Hawaii documentary available to watch?

July 18, 2023

The Surf Girls Hawaii documentary was released July 18 on Amazon Prime – it’s been released.

Perfect summer watching right now for those in the northern hemisphere and for the people going through winter, dreaming of being out in the ‘green room’.

Surf Girls Hawaii documentary trailer

Watch it here:

It joins a growing list of sports documentaries available on Amazon Prime, including The Test (based on cricket), That Peter Crouch Documentary and so much more.

How can I watch the Surf Girls Hawaii documentary?

Amazon Prime

Brought to life by Reece Witherspoon’s production company Hello Sunshine, the Surf Girls Hawaii documentary is exclusive to Amazon Prime.

Luckily for Australians who don’t currently have Amazon Prime (what have you been doing firstly), the streaming service giant has a 30-day free trial for new subscribers which is plenty of time to watch the four-part series and more!

What is the Surf Girls Hawaii documentary about?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. This four-part docu-series is about a group of girls surfing in Hawaii. But there’s so much more to it.

The Surf Girls Hawaii documentary follows the next generation of native Hawaiian female surfers who are aspiring to become professional surfers on the World Surf League tour.

Following the beginning of the careers of Moana Jones Wong, Ewe Wong, Brianna Cope, Pua DeSoto and Maluhia Kinimaka, the behind the scenes style footage shows the crew of five as they train and compete with and against each other.

Surf Girls Hawaii documentary

Marketed as “the stakes have never been higher”, the five female surfers deal with battling intense waves and strong competition all whilst feeling the added responsibility of representing their native Hawaiian heritage.

These girls have grown up surfing some of the most well known waves, such as Pipeline, but with tournaments coming to their ‘home’ beaches, the challenge of riding the waves seems much more difficult.

The Surf Girls Hawaii documentary is definitely a coming-of-age piece with these young girls on the cusp of the make-or-break part of their surfing career.

What have the five girls had to say about the docu-series?

Not all of the female surfers involved have spoken to media about the release of the Surf Girls Hawaii documentary, however, Amazon Prime has released a snippet from the actual series.

In a sit down interview, one of the surfers talks about her ambitions of making it onto the WSL tour after the life she’s already lived.

“I went to Stanford for aerospace engineering. Obviously, I’m not a teenager anymore so for this to be my first year attempting to get on the Challenger; 26 is quite old (for that),” one of the surfer said via Amazon Prime.

“I think I needed to have my little journey in order to really know that this is 110 percent what I want.”

“I would like to be first elite-level competitive surfer, who is also a native Hawaiian woman with a Ph.D.”

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