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Our Guide to ‘Receiver’: The docu-series where Netflix called an audible


The makers of Netflix’s hit docu-series Quarterback, that dropped in mid-2023, had to change the play at the line of scrimmage — it’s Receiver this year.

And it’s news that makes some sense.

As this publication searched high and low for updates on which high profile QBs would follow up in the streaming giant’s return season, it became apparent that there weren’t too many signal-callers willing to play ball. To jog your memory, it was Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes, then-Minnesota quarterback Kirk Cousins and then-Atlanta Falcon Marcus Mariota.

And it’s hard to do a second season of quarterback without any willing quarterbacks.

Towards the end of last NFL season, it became clear that cameras had been following around Detroit Lions star Amon Ra St. Brown. And now those bread crumbs make more sense.

Netflix has revealed it had found additional wide receivers for the hit project; a decision which should prove savvy, given the star power that’s undoubtedly helped along by their prominence in NFL Fantasy, a product which is wildly popular in the states and also around the world.

Netflix announces new series, Receiver

The news comes a couple of months after it was announced that the same production team, led by Hall of Famer Peyton Manning, would be taking this concept to the NBA as well, involving LeBron James and even Barack Obama.

So here’s what everyone should know about Netflix’s upcoming season titled Receiver.

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What’s ‘Receiver’?

Most of us a familiar with the concept by now; a docu-series that follows sporting stars and their journeys on a more granular level than what we’re exposed to with more traditional match or race day coverage. Drive to Survive added huge momentum and oxygen into the show style and it’s now been repeated across a wide variety of sports.

Netflix’s Receiver will follow a group of the NFL’s most high profile and productive pass-catchers through the 2023-24 season — a fly-on-the-wall look at what it takes for them to be at the very top of their game, how they reacted to games in real time and how they all dealt with adversity.

It promises to be a really strong watch.

justin jefferson, minnesota vikings, nfl, receiver on netflix
Vikings’ Justin Jefferson will feature on ‘Receiver’.

Who will star in Receiver?

Here’s the fun part: Davante Adams (Las Vegas Raiders), Justin Jefferson (Minnesota Vikings), Deebo Samuel (San Fransisco 49ers), Amon Ra St. Brown (Detroit Lions) and Tight End George Kittle (San Fransisco 49ers) are all confirmed starters.

All five players are elite producers and, from a TV sense, all had compelling seasons — big games, injuries and, for a few of them, deep Playoff runs.

Quarterback detailed Patrick Mahomes’ Super Bowl run last year and this series will feature Kittle and Samuel’s heart-breaking defeat in last season’s corresponding decider, that had both football fans and Swifties glued to their television sets.

When’s it being released and what’s the format?

Format: 8 x 45 minute episodes

TBC on the release — there’s no set date as of yet.

It’ll be some time mid-year, ‘set to premiere in Summer 2024’ (‘summer’, as in America’s summer).

Receiver is set to premiere in Summer 2024 as a continuation of Netflix’s partnership with the NFL that first began with Quarterback, which hit the Netflix Global Top 10 for three weeks,” via Netflix’s official PR release.

peyton manning, netflix, quarterback, receiver

It’s another Peyton Manning project

Executive Producers: “Peyton Manning and Jamie Horowitz for Omaha Productions; Ross Ketover, Pat Kelleher and Keith Cossrow for NFL Films; Patrick Mahomes and Jacquelyn Dahl from 2PM Productions,” confirmed by Netflix.

Manning has proven he excels as an EP, having also already shown his worth as a comedic talent since his retirement from the NFL six seasons ago. His work also recently included a Super Bowl ad cameo.

Is there a trailer?

Not yet, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on that — click back to the website for updates.

Tell me more about the receivers they’re featuring

During last season, our Only Sports NFL expert put together a top 30 receivers in the NFL list. Well, Samuel, St. Brown, Adams and Jefferson all feature in the top half of the list — three of those names inside the top 10. This docu-series has got some of the league’s very best pass-catchers.

Davante Adams is expected to go into the Hall of Fame down the line, having been an ultra consistent performer with the Green Bay Packers and with the Raiders for the past two seasons. He enjoyed a connection with QB Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay that many describe as ‘mind-melding’. His best work is behind him, but Adams is one of the best pass-catchers we’ve ever seen in the NFL.

davante adams, aaron rodgers, receiver
Former Packers receiver Davante Adams had a ‘mind-melding’ connection with Aaron Rodgers.

George Kittle is the only tight end that’s featured; he spends roughly half his time on the field blocking, as opposed to running routes and trying to make catches. He’s essentially ‘NFC Travis Kelce’ — incredibly talented, has insane play-making and after-the-catch skills, a marketable appearance and the swagger to match. An excellent choice.

Kittle’s team mate Deebo Samuel also brings the swagger and ball-running skills mentioned above; he’s been an absolute weapon for San Fran the last few seasons. He’s dealt with injury the last couple of seasons, including issues throughout the Playoffs. But Deebo is a baller.

Justin Jefferson and Amon Ra St. Brown both play in the NFC North and both lay claim to being either one of, if not the best, receiver in the NFL. St. Brown is known for his incredible drive to be the best he can be; he’s considered one of the most insane trainers in the league and it shows. And many fans would consider Jefferson to be the undisputed best pass-catcher in the league.

They’re all great selections for Netflix’s upcoming docu-series and we can’t wait to watch.

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