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Bust out the robot; that Peter Crouch docco is out on Prime Video


Peter Crouch documentary

Even Peter Crouch would admit that had someone said a documentary would be made about his life, he would have though that it was ridiculous. But here we are in 2023 with the former English footballer awaiting the release of one that has fans truly excited.

Streaming giant Prime Video is releasing the highly-anticipated Peter Crouch documentary That Peter Crouch Film in late June, for all subscribers to enjoy.

The documentary is set to follow not only Crouch’s incredibly successful football career, but also insights into his initial struggle to find a breakthrough club, plus his personal life.

Peter Crouch documentary
Get set for the Peter Crouch documentary.

Although he played over 40 games for England, scoring 22 goals in those appearances, it wasn’t always smooth sailing. And that will be shown in this upcoming Peter Crouch documentary, as the 6-foot-7 striker was ‘belittled’ for his abnormal height; copping a strong dose of rejection on his path to emergence.

The film’s producers have described the Peter Crouch documentary as the ‘true story behind football’s most unlikely hero’, adding that ‘all logic suggests that he should not have had a successful career.’

Having represented England in two World Cups and played for a handful of English Premier League clubs, including Tottenham – where former Socceroos manager Ange Postecoglou is favoured to end up – and Liverpool, it’s fair to say ‘That Peter Crouch Film’ will delve into plenty.

Here’s everything we know ahead of the release of the new Peter Crouch documentary.

When does the Peter Crouch documentary come out?

June 22, 2023

We don’t have to wait long now, thankfully, until That Peter Crouch Film is ready and available..

How to watch the Peter Crouch documentary

‘That Peter Crouch Film’ is finally upon us, with streaming giant Amazon Prime Video is the platform to find it on. It’ll be available in late June for all their subscribers to enjoy.

Peter Crouch documentary
Peter Crouch as a Spur (left) and when he was at Liverpool (right).

It joins a plethora of outstanding sports documentaries on the streaming service including ‘The Test’ which follows the Australian cricket team and ‘Never Give In’ the documentary on Sir Alex Ferguson.

In Australia, Amazon Prime Video is only $6.99 a month with new customers able to get 30 days free – plenty of time to watch what is predicted to be a brilliant Peter Crouch documentary.

Peter Crouch documentary trailer

Here it is. Enjoy.

What will be shown in the Peter Crouch documentary?

‘That Peter Crouch Film’ is set to follow Crouch’s journey from a rejected recruit to one of the most likeable players in English football history.

The documentary is just a one-off will detail his love for the sport, emotions towards moving between clubs, feelings on highlight moments of his career and a peek behind the curtains into his personal life.

There’s even reports coming out that the documentary will dive into his famous goal celebration – the robot – and the impact that had on making him such a beloved character in the game.

Obviously like all documentaries, there will be some focus on the low points of Crouch’s life, such as how his career started out with being ridiculed for his height.

But since it’s a Peter Crouch documentary, you can expect a lot of light-hearted moments and laughter, suiting his personality down to a tee.

As seen in the trailer for ‘That Peter Crouch Film’, he talks about his lack of luck when it came to love joking that he “couldn’t pull a hamstring until I was about 21”.

What has Peter Crouch said about the documentary?

When the film was announced the football legend was honest in saying that he never would have thought that a documentary would be made following his life and sporting career.

“When I was a teenager, or even a player, I’d have laughed you out of the room if you’d told me that I would have a film made about my career in football,” Crouch said.

“But here we are and I’m so proud of what Workerbee and Prime Video have created. It’s an honour that this film has been made and hopefully it brings a smile to peoples faces.”

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