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Coach Prime’s phenomenal first season at Colorado is being made into a docco


Deion Sanders documentary, Coach Prime, Colorado

More Coach Prime on Prime Video? Yes please.

We’re about to be exposed to even more of the enigmatic, larger-than-life character that is Deion Sanders.

His first season as head coach of the Colorado Buffalos college football team has been a gripping ride. So bring on all the behind-the-scenes details.

For those just catching up on the phenomenon that is Coach Prime, here’s more on what’s happening.

Here’s a ‘Prime Time’ crash course and details about the upcoming docu-series season.


Deion Sanders documentary, Coach Prime, Colorado

What is the Coach Prime documentary?

Streaming on Amazon’s Prime Video, Coach Prime follows the one and only Deion Sanders, who has moved from life as a retired player into the coaching realm. He has an incredibly energetic and inspirational presence.

And after three seasons at Jackson State, the last of which was flipped into docu-series, ‘Prime Time’ Sanders took up the coaching gig with the Colorado Buffalos.

Check out the trailer for season one, which aired in late 2022 on Prime Video.

So far, the Buffs have punched well above their weight in College football and their games have yielded extraordinary ratings and interest.

Colorado’s recent game with college powerhouse Oregon drew over 10 million TV viewers and was the second-highest rated game of the season through four weeks. That’s despite the fact that the Buffaloes will struggle to compete with the country’s top football programs, like Ohio State and Alabama.

Deion Sanders documentary, Coach Prime, Colorado
Deion Sanders is ‘Prime Time’ and is helping Colorado be an absolute ratings bonanza.

Coach Prime season two trailer

We’re still waiting on that, as more and more content is captured and the release date draws closer. But Prime Video are certainly dropping hints.

When is the new Coach Prime season being released?

DECEMBER 7, 2023

The first half of season one of the docu-series dropped on December 29 in 2022 and it would be fair to assume the timing on this one is somewhat similar. We’ll see at least the season premiere on December 7 for season two and find out soon enough whether the episodes will be released all at once or whether it’s a staggered approach.

Here’s a glimpse into the mind and personality of Coach Prime, who’s truly one of a kind:

Who is Deion Sanders?

That’s a big question.

Sanders is a former NFL player and Pro Football Hall of Famer. But even that sells him short. ‘Prime Time’ was also a professional baseball player, playing both sports simultaneously from 1989 through to the early 00s.

He’s now 56 years old and was born in Florida.

The duel-sport superstar played as a cornerback and return specialist in the NFL, while also playing left and center field in baseball. He’s the only person in US sports history to hit an MLB home run and score an NFL touchdown in the same week; 1989 with the New York Yankees and Atlanta Falcons. He’s also the only athlete to play in both a Super Bowl and World Series.

Sanders and Bo Jackson were the pinup boys for multi-sport athletes in those days.

Deion Sanders, Dallas Cowboys

Who else features in the Coach Prime documentary?

One of the other central figures will be Deion’s son Shedeur Sanders, who is literally the Colorado Buffaloes starting quarterback. So he’s not only central to the Coach Prime documentary tale, but right at the forefront of what the football program achieves this year.

This promises to be must-watch television and most likely one of the watches of the year. Let’s hope it goes somewhere close to reaching expectation.

Phil Prior
Phil Prior
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