Brad’s F1 movie’s been forced to Pitt-stop just days after filming at Silverstone


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Green light. Red light. The Brad Pitt F1 film that had fans of the motorsport salivating have found out they’ll have to wait a little while longer to see it.

Tongues were wagging at the 2023 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, as Oscar-winning actor Brad Pitt was trackside filming parts for an upcoming Apple Original Films production on a movie about an F1 racer.

Produced by star driver Lewis Hamilton, the movie is rumoured to be about a retired driver who is asked to come back and help his old team who are sitting at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Still with plenty to be determined regarding this unnamed upcoming Brad Pitt F1 film, here’s everything we have seen and know so far.

The latest on the Brad Pitt F1 movie

Unfortunately for F1 fans, the ongoing strikes involving actors and writers unions in the States has forced the film to take a Pitt-stop, showing the global impact of the movement.

There are no reports yet on when the filming could recommence, but just the thought of there being another on-screen piece of F1 entertainment will have to be enough for fans right now.

The shots of the Brad Pitt F1 film at Silverstone looked incredible, with the actual F1 competition taking time between races to help create an authentic atmosphere.

Brad pitt f1 movie

What is the Brad Pitt F1 film about?

Starring Brad Pitt, obviously, and British actor Damson Idris as the co-star, the film is reported to be about a former F1 driver returning to racing to help his old team get off the bottom of the leaderboard.

After suffering a horrible crash in a race years ago, Pitt’s character is asked to come back to the grid after a 30-year absence.

Whilst filming the movie at Silverstone, Pitt spoke to Sky Sports explaining that the film “should be as authentic as we can get it” to create a real sense of the sport for fans and also to entice a new audience.

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is a producer on the film and is expected to make sure the unnamed film fulfils this wanted outcome.

“Lewis, who’s also our producer, is really intent that we respect the sport, that we really show it for what it is,” Pitt said.

“I’ve got to tell you, as a civilian, I had no idea what it takes to be a driver and the aggression and the dexterity – they’re amazing athletes who I have so much respect for.”

Brad pitt f1 movie

Why has there been so much talk lately about the Brad Pitt F1 film?

The F1 world can’t help but talk about the excitement surrounding a Hollywood production on their sport starring one of the biggest actor going around.

At the British Grand Prix in Silverstone, Pitt and the production crew from Apple were trackside filming parts.

Pitt, along with his co-star Damson Idris, were there suited up in a fictional racing suit for the APXGP team. They even had an F2 car converted to look like an F1 car on the track for the filming next to the professional cars.

The film has support from Formula 1, who view it as another draw card to the sport — similar to the impact Netflix series Drive To Survive has had.

Apple will collaborate with Formula 1 on the film, allowing special access to not only racetracks but also drivers, as reigning world champion Max Verstappen was pictured alongside Pitt at Silverstone.

2023 F1 Calendar, Brad Pitt F1 film
Max Verstappen celebrates F1 history

Why has production for the Brad Pitt F1 film stopped?

Although it seemed like serious momentum was being made at the British Grand Prix in regards to the creation of this Brad Pitt F1 film, it has come to a grinding holt.

Several high profile Hollywood productions including this F1 film have been put on hold due to the ongoing actors and writers strikes in the United States.

This movement has been slowly impacting the productions on movies and TV shows since May 2023, but with actors joining the strike, it’s expected to get a whole lot worse.

In regards to this film in particular, production has been reported to have stopped due to actors, including Brad Pitt, being a part of the union strike.

NBC News says a source close to Pitt has said he was really enjoying the film of the F1 film but that he is “definitely a very loyal member of the union”.

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