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Channel 10 is rebooting the 90’s hit show Australian Gladiators in 2024


Australian Gladiators 2024 channel 10

Channel 10 is bringing back the show that captivated Australian audiences in the ’90s.

In a revamped format, the return of Australian Gladiators is coming in 2024.

Framed as the ultimate test of speed, strength, stamina and power, the Australian Gladiators concept pits everyday Aussies against some of the nation’s most elite athletes.

Hoping to introduce the concept to a whole new generation, while leveraging the nostalgia of those brought up on a concentrated diet of free-to-air TV in the 90s, the spectacle that is Australian Gladiators will make for a fascinating watch — the show itself, plus how it’s perceived.

Classic challenges from the ’90s return, alongside brand new events and a changed gladiatorial arena that Channel 10 is describing as ‘breathtaking’.

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Set to be aired in mid-January with a dozen episodes in the first season, the David v Goliath fashioned show is also offering an incredible prize for contestants that are successful against the Gladiators.

So with this revamped return of Australian Gladiators coming our way, here’s everything you need to know about the season ahead.

Australian Gladiators: When’s it premiere and where can I watch?

January 15, 2024 on Channel 10 and 10Play

Expected to be one of the most entertaining sports reality shows coming out early in 2024 is Australian Gladiators — hitting our screens January 15.

The show will premiere on Channel 10; both on free-to-air TV and also, of course, on-demand on the network’s streaming service 10Play.

With 12 episodes on the card for season one, it’s unclear whether all episodes will be available to watch from January 15, but it’s likely they will be released weekly.

Australian Gladiators trailer

Here’s the first look at the upcoming show Australia Gladiators.

Who are the Gladiators for the new season?

There are 13 Australian Gladiators in the new season, each with their own superhero-type name. Here’s the list:

Arrow – Harriet Roberts (Athlete and coach)

Chaos – Jaymi-Lee Morris (Bodybuilder)

Cobra – Damien Rider (Extreme adventure sports athlete and TED speaker)

Comet – Tatyanna Pogonza-Dumas (Basketball player, model, 2x Ninja Warrior)

Cyclone – Blessings Chilufya (Fitness coach)

Dragon – Tyson Pedro (UFC fighter)

Elektra – Alethea Boon (Commonwealth Games athlete)

Halo – Chanique Greyling (Stuntwoman and MMA fighter)

Maximus – Kwame Duah (Bodybuilder)

Phoenix – Sandor Earl (Former NRL player)

Raven – Katelin van Zyl (CrossFit Games athlete and former Australian hockey player)

Spartan – Khan Porter (CrossFit Games athlete)

Viking – Jett Kenny (Australian Ironman, TV personality and model)

australian gladiator, channel 10, 2024, sandor earl and tyson pedro
Former NRL player Sandor Earl (left) and Aussie UFC star Tyson Pedro (right)

Who are the hosts of Australian Gladiators?

The 2024 Australian Gladiators show will be hosted by Liz Ellis and Beau Ryan, who is really starting to build a resume away from rugby league.

“It’s and iconic franchise and I’m excited about the reboot,” Ellis said.

“It is set to showcase some of my favourite Gladiator challenges from the original series as well as throw up a few new ones for us to fall in love with.”

Beau Ryan was also keen for the show adding, “I am beyond excited to be hosting Gladiators Australia alongside the great Liz Ellis.”

“I grew up watching and loving Gladiators Australia and can’t wait to get into it. It’s going to be spectacular.”

What is Australian Gladiators?

The premise of the show is about pitting ‘superhuman’ gladiators against brave everyday Australians in a multitude of challenges that increase in difficulty; testing the competitors in their speed, strength, stamina, agility and power.

Meant to represent a battle similar to the fable of David vs Goliath, the upcoming season will test both the Gladiators and contenders across those five skills like never before.

For those completely unaware of the history of the show, the original Australia Gladiators series was on TV down under for two years from 1995.

australian gladiators

The show had the contenders take on the Gladiators in many different tests, such as Hang Tough, Duel, The Wall, Powerball, Pyramid and The Eliminator — all of which will be brought back in the 2024 version.

Fanfare around wrestling and the show Gladiators has definitely been gaining traction in 2023, with the release of an American Gladiators documentary and the movie ‘The Iron Claw‘.

Channel 10 have created the upcoming season to be family-friendly and something everyone can enjoy.

And if you were wondering what the goal of the show was, well, the contenders – everyday Australians – are playing for what they’re describing as the ‘ultimate money-can’t-buy-prize’ of joining the next season of the show as a Gladiator.

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