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The key details for Netflix’s hyped Six Nations docu-series, Full Contact


Six Nations, Netflix, Full Contact

Crouch, pause, engage-ment. Rugby union is set to reach new audience, joining the growing swarm of Netflix sports docu-series.

Streaming powerhouse Netflix is taking us behind the scenes of 2023’s Six Nations tournament in Europe, as a first for the sport on the platform. And make no mistake, rugby needs this.

Much to the excitement of world rugby fans, it was announced roughly a year ago, which has kept anticipation steady.

But the series is now ready for release, which is set to serve as a great advertisement for the 2024 instalment of the Six Nations tournament, which starts in February.

It comes as streaming audience is starting to dive into season 2 of Break Point, cashing in on tennis hype, in the midst of the year’s first Grand Slam, the Australian Open.

This is the latest offering in what’s a growing streaming trend, following the success of Formula 1 institution Drive to Survive, along with one of Netflix’s more recent projects, Full Swing.

netflix, six nations, full contact
Netflix is putting the DRIVE in Drive to Survive.

Full contact on Netflix: Everything you need to know

Let’s find out just when it’s set to be released on the streaming giant, who will be involved and what kind of storylines it’ll cover.

When is Full Contact being released?

January 24, 2024 – Here is the link

By the time some readers see this, the series will be available to stream.

Full Contact, Six Nations, Netflix trailer

Here’s your sneak peak to rugby’s version of Drive to Survive.

Who will be involved in the docu-series?

In Netflix’s announcement on Twitter, they stated that all six teams will give behind the scenes access to the streaming platforming. 

That means rugby fans and newcomers to the sport will be able to see how England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Italy and France prepare for not only this competition but the World Cup in September.

What will the series cover?

The docu-series Full Contact will dive into the inner workings of each team, as they prepare, play and then reflect on their huge Tests — against teams often considered fierce rivals.

There’s also the added intrigue of a couple of Europe’s heavyweight sides, namely France, England, Wales and Ireland, chasing Six Nations glory but also putting the finishing touches on their Rugby World Cup preparation — pinnacle of world rugby, which took place later in the year, September 2023.

England was launching into its post-Eddie Jones existence – and hasn’t plenty involving him happened since – France of course hosted the 2023 World Cup, adding importance to their year, and Ireland were the top-ranked nation for large stretches of the calendar year.

Wallabies, team news, 2023, eddie jones, rugby championship, world cup, Wallabies breakouts
In January 2023, Australian rugby made the shock announcement that former England coach Eddie Jones would return to lead the Wallabies to the World Cup.

When was the 2023 Six Nations?

The 24th instalment of the Six Nations Championship, an annual competition between Europe’s rugby powerhouses, kicked off on February 5 and ran through to mid-March.

Top-ranked nation, Ireland, at the time, rose above the rest to claim victory in the tournament. In the standings, the Irish finished ahead of France, with Scotland also landing on the podium. A struggling English side won only two out of their five games and finished fourth. Gli Azzurri – Italy – finished as the only winless nation.

six nations, netflix
Here’s what the 2023 Six Nations tournament schedule looked like.

What can I watch until it is released?

There’s plenty of incredible sports documentaries and docu-series going around that will quench your thirst until the Six Nations series is available.

We have information to a whole host of Entertainment projects that are either live, or in the pipeline; Season 2 of Break Point, Full Swing S2 and Under Pressure.

And for something a bit left of field, The Iron Claw is screening in cinemas.

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