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Jo Healy

Who could be the NBL's most improved player of this season? Here are 6 contenders

Our basketball expert has her say on who the NBL's Most Improved star is.

Two months in, here are the 8 players in the NBL's MVP consideration

Broadcaster Jo Healy outlines her top candidates for the NBL's top individual honour this season.

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NBA teams don't need to be genuine contenders to be in the running for 'most intriguing'.

Key dates & contenders: Your rapid guide to the 2023-24 WNBL Season

Basketball broadcaster Jo Healy helps get you set for the brand new WNBL season.

The title case for each of the 10 NBL teams and our top 4 contenders

Broadcaster Jo Healy outlines a title case for each of the 10 competing NBL teams and lists her top three...

Broadcaster Jo Healy runs through her top 5 most intriguing imports for NBL24

Not unlike other seasons, NBL24 will feature a stack of big-name game-breakers. Here's five of them that...

Let's brush up on the NBL's import and salary cap rules ahead of the 2023-24 season

Basketball broadcaster Jo Healy explains, in simple terms, some of the league's rules and regulations...

What's the new NBL Next Stars crop look like and has the program been a success?

The NBL Next Stars program has been a major success story for the league. Here's why, plus who's gone...

Miami's uniquely positioned to land yet another star. So what is it about 'Heat culture'?

It led Miami to the NBA Finals. And Damian Lillard wants a piece of it. What is Heat culture?

A quick look at the players Aussies are paying close attention to at the 2023 NBA Draft

There will be a host of young men ready to find out their fate on June 22 in USA; the 23rd down under. That’s...

The WNBA's youngest player is a rising star Aussie that's not even old enough to drink

2022 co-host of The Only Sports Show, Jo Healy, is in the United States right now. She caught up with...

Where will your team finish? Jo Healy's WNBL guide

It's WNBL season again, and there's plenty of star power joining and returning to the competition for...

The big takeaways from Aus basketball's huge week - Healy

There's only one small problem for Adelaide's huge win... maybe they played TOO well. But what a week...